Jeffrey Dean Morgan cut his own hair with a knife for the Negan jail scenes. The Walking Dead actor recently revealed the news in an interview, noting that he knew fans were going to give him grief about Negan's normal hair in jail. Morgan went to some pretty intense extremes to get the look just right and it appears to have paid off. The hit AMC horror series aired season 10's penultimate episode and still has its finale on the horizon. It was delayed due to the world's current state of affairs.

The Walking Dead has featured a number of characters over the years, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan is one that gets brought up a lot. He's the fan-favorite character everybody loves to hate, though that is starting to change. One of the things people notice about the character is his impeccable hair and one fan wanted to know how Negan keeps it looking so good during a zombie apocalypse. Morgan liked the question and went on to reveal how those hair questions influenced his season 9 jail hair. Morgan explains.

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"Here's how crazy I am: I decided to see if I could give myself a fade, the Negan fade, using a knife. So believe it or not, I cut my hair for that show using a knife. I had to try it... I knew that I'd get asked about it, for years, 'How come no one's bugging Negan about his gelled up hair with his nice haircut?' And when I was in jail, the season I was in jail, I decided to see if I could cut my hair using a really sharp knife, and you can. I cut myself a few times but it's a possible thing. The producers weren't exactly thrilled."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan could have used scissors or a trimmer to get the job done, but he chose to use a knife. He's actually pretty lucky that he didn't injure himself while doing so, since that seems like it would have been pretty easy to do. Regardless, it helped The Walking Dead character's authenticity. Afterall, it would have been strange to see Negan behind bars with his hair looking all nice and styled.

The Walking Dead fans weren't exactly sure what to make of Negan behind bars. While some were happy about the story development, there were a number of fans who wanted him to be out in time for season 10. Showrunner Angela Kang says they received letters asking for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character to be released, so they decided to help those fans out, even though he would have been released at some point, regardless.

For now, The Walking Dead is going to have to wait to finish its season 10 story. This is both good and bad for fans, but ultimately, they need some closure at the moment, especially when it comes to the Whisperers. Will the conflict finally come to an end? If so, at what cost? Additionally, Maggie is coming back, so there are even more questions floating around. While we wait to see, you can watch the interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan below, thanks to the Rich Eisen YouTube channel.