The Walking Dead has found its Lucille. The real Lucille, not Negan's trusty bat. It has been revealed that Hilarie Burton will play the character on an upcoming episode of the hit AMC zombie series. This brings some real-life flavor into the mix as Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on the show, is married to Burton. Aside from that, it means we are most definitely getting some flashbacks when season 10 returns.

According to a new report, Hilarie Burton will appear as a "guest star" during The Walking Dead season 10. AMC extended the current season by six episodes following the production delay that forced the original finale to air months later than originally planned. Instead, the network will resume the season next year with season 11 picking up either in late 2021 or early 2022. Production is currently underway, with work said to already be taking place on the episode that will feature Negan and Lucille together. Filming is happening in Georgia, which has been the home base for the series since the very beginning.

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In The Walking Dead comics, Negan had a wife named Lucille before the zombie apocalypse happened. But their relationship was, to say the very least of it, complicated. Lucille had been battling cancer before the world fell apart. At the same time, Negan had been having an affair, which his wife was aware of. As Lucille's condition worsened, Negan called off his affair and spent more time with his wife. Her passing coincided with the zombie takeover. Negan would go on to name his trusty bat after his late wife. The very same bat that was used in the unforgettable The Walking Dead season 7 premiere, which saw fan-favorite Glenn meet his demise.

This has the potential to be a huge storyline in the upcoming episodes. Though, with Hilarie Burton billed as a guest star, it means we probably won't be seeing all that much of Lucille. Burton is known for her roles in shows such as One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Burton have been together for years, with the two getting married last year. The fact that they are husband and wife in the real world should help bring some additional weight to the episode.

AMC revealed earlier this year that The Walking Dead season 11 will conclude the series. But the franchise is only just beginning in many ways. The new spin-off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, is currently airing its first season, with Fear the Walking Dead season 6 going strong. Plus, the network has announced a Daryl and Carol spin-off, as well as a new anthology series titled Tales of the Walking Dead. Not to mention the trilogy of movies that will bring back Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead season 10 does not yet have a return date set but we'll be sure to keep you posted as further updates are made available. This news comes to us via