Fans of The Walking Dead could debate all day long over who could be named as the all-time greatest villain on the series, but if you ask David Morrissey, the Governor would "wipe the floor" with all the others. Starting in season 3 of the long-running zombie drama, Morrissey shined in his role as Philip Blake, known to the people of Woodbury only as the Governor. Morrissey would leave the series halfway through season 4 when the Governor was killed off by Michonne during his attack on the prison, but even with so many villains stepping into the show since, the Governor is still very well remembered.


Speaking about his time on The Walking Dead for the show's virtual Wizard World panel, David Morrissey made no secrets about his opinion that the Governor is the show's most supreme antagonist. "Out of those villains, obviously the Governor would wipe the floor with everybody," Morrissey said when asked how the Governor would fare against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alpha (Samantha Morton). He adds: "There's only the Governor. There's no competition, come on."

During the panel, Morrissey also addressed Jon Bernthal's character, Shane Walsh, who was basically the first major "villain" of The Walking Dead. Desperately in love with Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Shane grows so hellbent on being with her that he devises a plot to kill his best friend Rick (Andrew Lincoln). Ultimately, Rick killed Shane just a few episodes before the Governor would arrive into the series, so the two characters never crossed paths. It would have been interesting to see for the fans, but Morrissey also laments over missing the opportunity to work with Bernthal personally.


"What a great actor. I never got a chance to work with Jon, I think he's a fantastic actor, really great," Morrissey said of Bernthal, who'd later go on to find greater fame as the star of the Netflix Original series The Punisher. Morrissey also explained how it could be debated as to whether the Shane character really was a villain, as other characters who've arrived later in the series have done far worse only to later become fan favorites. "That dynamic, which started off in season 1, whether he's a bad guy... He did some terrible things. That set the tone," Morrissey noted.

While remaining among the most popular shows on television, The Walking Dead no longer pulls in the jaw-dropping ratings the series once had at the peak of its prime. The Governor had the chance to be a part of the series during the "glory years," when the show was only growing with popularity with each passing year. This also means that the character is much more well-known than some of the more recent villains on the series, such as Alpha and the Whisperers.


The Governor's story on The Walking Dead made for great television, and it's hard not to wonder what would have happened if Negan and the Saviors had discovered Woodbury instead of Rick and the others. We'll never know for sure how it might have gone down, so for now, fans will endlessly debate over which side would have won. The same goes for the other major villains in the series, including those yet to be seen. Details of this story come to us from NME.