Fans of The Walking Dead in the U.K. have complained about episodes being ruined because of spoilers, since the show airs five days after its U.S. debut. Fox UK is changing that starting in February 2014, with new episodes to air Monday nights, 24 hours after airing in the U.S.

The change will take place in February 2014, when the show returns from its mid-season hiatus. Season 4's seventh episode, "Dead Weight", which aired on Sunday, November 24 in the U.S., debuts tonight, November 29 in the U.K. The air date shift may also help prevent illegal downloads of the show across the pond.

The Walking Dead's mid-season finale, "Too Far Gone", airs Sunday, December 1 in the U.S., and on Friday, December 6 in the U.K.

Fox UK will also be broadcasting U.S. shows such as the upcoming TNT series Mob City and Season 11 of the hit CBS drama program NCIS.