Robert Kirkman went ahead and jumped the gun in the latest issue of The Walking Dead comic. The comic series and the hit AMC show have been going in different directions, but the latest issue may have given the upcoming movies something to go off of. For those who don't know, Kirkman's last issue left off on a major cliffhanger and readers have been waiting to see how everything was going to pan out. Well, we know now and it's pretty shocking. There are SPOILERS for Kirkman's The Walking Dead series below and possibly for the upcoming AMC movies too.

Issue 191 of The Walking Dead left off with Rick, Carl, Michonne, and company at the Commonwealth, which is basically a new civilization of 50,000 people. It's pretty amazing that it even exists, but it is based on a classist system where everyone holds the jobs they had before the apocalypse. It helps those who had good jobs and keeps down those who did not, offering up zero advancement. Rick and crew are not into this idea and they try to take down the system. Governor Pamela Milton does not like the Alexandria crew and her son ends up shooting Rick Grimes.


The Walking Dead fans were left off with a cliffhanger to see whether or not Rick Grimes survived the gunshot. However, we learn that Sebastian Milton ends up shooting him several more times, which results in Rick Grimes becoming a zombie. Carl ends up having to put Rick down and shoots him in the head. Rick is now officially dead in the comics, something Robert Kirkman talked about doing before the series came to an end.

This story arc could very well be how The Walking Dead movies go forward. The Commonwealth story arc and the death of Rick Grimes could be where they choose to go, but that is currently unknown at this time. Fans of the comics and show might be more than a little bummed to learn that a minor character took down the main character of the series, but AMC might make some changes, should they decide to go down the Commonwealth route for the Rick Grimes movies.


The Rick Grimes character has already exited The Walking Dead, but he is still alive, for now. Fans are waiting to see what AMC has up their sleeves for the Rick movies, but there isn't a whole lot of information about them at this time. With that being said, it seems like AMC might be taking Robert Kirkman's source material to plant the seeds for their planned trilogy. We'll just have to wait and see what they decide to do and what Kirkman has to say about it when all is said and done. You can purchase the latest Robert Kirkman issue of The Walking Dead over at Skybound.