The Walking Dead universe is continuing to expand, even as the main show is, slowly but surely, bringing her in for a landing. According to TWD Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple, AMC is currently developing a comedy spin-off taking place in the walker-infested universe. There are few details available right now but this would undoubtedly be a new direction for the franchise.

Scott Gimple made the reveal during The Walking Dead Holiday Special. The special event brought together members of the cast and the creative team to celebrate the season. But it also came with some news about the future of the franchise. At one point, host Chris Hardwick asked Gimple if he could tease some of what is coming down the pipeline. Gimple then decided to reveal that a comedy spin-off is in the works. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"We are working on a straight Walking Dead comedy right now. We're not making fun of our world. but it's just more of a comedic take on the world."

No further details were provided on the series at this time. The idea of turning the zombie apocalypse into a comedy could provide an entirely new take on the universe though. AMC has already experimented with spin-offs, as Fear the Walking Dead is gearing up for its seventh season and World Beyond just wrapped up its inaugural run. But both of those shows have maintained the serious tone that comes along with a post-apocalyptic scenario. It seems Scott Gimple and the network are looking to branch out even further as they look to expand the franchise in the coming years.

It was announced earlier this year that The Walking Dead season 11 will conclude the series in 2022. Several spin-offs have already been announced, with Daryl and Carol set to headline a new show. An anthology series titled Tales of the Walking Dead is also in the works. We can now add a Walking Dead comedy to that growing list. Plus, Scott Gimple has assured that the Rick Grimes movies, which will bring back Andrew Lincoln as the beloved character, are still moving forward, slowly but surely. Gimple has also said that they will be "worth the wait."

Aside from the mysterious comedy series, Scott Gimple teased, "We're working on something with one of the great Walking Dead villains of all time, and it's coming together." No further information was provided so it's anyone's guess as to what that means. Perhaps the Governor will be coming back to TWD universe somehow? The main takeaway is that AMC continues to see a great deal of value in the franchise, which is adapted from Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series of the same name. Even though ratings have been in relatively steady decline for years, The Walking Dead remains one of the most-watched shows on cable. So there is reason to think new shows that can bring in new viewers will work. The Walking Dead Holiday Special is available now on