It's been almost ten full years since Sarah Wayne Callies first appeared on The Walking Dead, but she still hasn't forgotten the awful driving skills of co-star Andrew Lincoln during the filming of the first episode. Though Callies departed the series during its third season in 2012, longtime fans will recall her memorable role as Lori Grimes. Prior to the character's sudden demise, Lori had been a central figure in the story as part of the love triangle with her husband Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his best friend Shane (Jon Bernthal).

With The Walking Dead currently on hiatus, Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton have begun hosting a new talk series for AMC called Friday Night In with the Morgans. On this week's episode, Callies appears via webcam along with fellow Walking Dead alum Michael Cudlitz and Hudson Valley farmer Ed Hackett. Naturally, Callies touches on her time working on the hit zombie drama, revealing that the funniest memory for her involves her on-screen husband trying to drive the police car while filming the pilot episode.

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"So, Andy Lincoln as most of us know... is one of the most capable people on television. He can do anything, he can speak in any accent, he can make things look easy, he can sweat and still be sexy," Callies begins when asked about her favorite anecdote. "But the thing he can't do is drive. So, because he's British and grew up in London, he didn't have a driver's license until, like, five minutes before he came to Georgia."

Callies goes on to explain how Lincoln needed to back up a police cruiser with Jon Bernthal in the passenger seat while filming the opening scenes of The Walking Dead. "I guess when you learn to drive later in life you don't develop the same instincts. So Andy didn't know that you have to slow down around a turn, or that when you're going in reverse you should go slower than when you are going forward," Callies says, adding that Bernthal got out of the car "s---ing himself" after Lincoln drove the car about 40 miles an hours in reverse. "I've never seen Jon more scared," Callies notes of the man who also plays The Punisher.

Prior to the death of the character, Callies' Lori Grimes had given birth to a baby girl named Judith. With the series now ten seasons in, most of the other Grimes family members have since departed The Walking Dead as well, though Judith still remains. Chandler Riggs left first when Lori and Rick's son Carl was killed off halfway through season 8. Early into the very next season, Lincoln departed the show of his own volition, and his character was written out of the series in a way that kept him alive to appear in a planned Walking Dead movie. These days, an older Judith is played by Cailey Fleming on the TV series.

Friday Night In with the Morgans with Sarah Wayne Callies will air on Friday, April 24 at 10 p.m. on AMC. You can watch a clip of Callies telling her story about Lincoln's lack of driving skills at Entertainment Weekly.