CBS All Access has released the first full trailer for Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone reboot. The trailer gives off a familiar, yet chilling vibe as we are treated to snippets from the upcoming series, which debuts in April. There are teases to the original series and the 1983 movie, which are all combined to create something that is cryptic and worth repeat viewing to unpack everything that is going on. There's a lot to see and take in when watching the 2-minute trailer.

Adam Scott's Nightmare at 30,000 Feet episode finds The Twilight Zone reboot in familiar territory and can be traced back to John Lithgow in the 1983 movie, along with William Shatner in the original TV series. The doll that washes up on the beach certainly looks a lot like the monster that Shatner saw out the plane wing during his terrifying flight. It seems that Jordan Peele and crew are going to be blazing a new trail while keeping one foot firmly in the legend of the iconic franchise.

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Jordan Peele is shown once again, returning from the Super Bowl spot earlier this month and taking over the Rod Serling role as narrator of The Twilight Zone reboot. Along with Peele, comes an even better listen at the iconic theme song, which has been reworked for the reboot and was teased during the previous teaser, which also gives an uneasy vibe to the footage. There is also plenty of ominous dialogue in the trailer, from questions about a dog to wondering if someone wants more out of life, to questioning what one has done with their life.

In addition to throwbacks to The Twilight Zone franchise, the reboot trailer teases new faces that have yet to be announced. Comedian Tracy Morgan is shown in the trailer along with Chris Diamantopoulos and Glenn Fleshler, leading to even more mystery about the reboot. Morgan can be heard saying, "You happy with your life? Don't you want it all?" And there's a brief shot of John Larroquette with John Cho and Allison Tolman. Cho is seen in what looks like the Oval Office. Kumail Nanjiani is shown worrying that he somehow changed his life story.

There's a lot of tense moments in The Twilight Zone reboot trailer, which is brought to an odd and chilling calm, thanks to Jordan Peele's narration. However, that calm looks like it is going to be short-lived as the paranoia starts to creep in throughout the rest of the latest look at the series. Peele's Twilight Zone reboot is set to premiere April 1st (yes, for real) exclusively on CBS All Access. After the April Fool's Day debut, new episodes will premiere each Thursday with past episodes being available on demand. While we wait to see the reboot, you can check out the trailer below, thanks to the CBS All Access YouTube channel.