Well, your boy Jay Leno returned to the legendary The Tonight Show to rant about the state of things in the world today. Jimmy Fallon, the newest Tonight Show guy, started the bit by saying he saw an old angry guy on the street going off. Well, Jimmy decided that the guy needed a platform so he invited Jay to come onto the show and share his views with the Tonight Show audience.

Jimmy then introduces the "angry guy", who was........you guessed it Jay Leno himself. Now Jay comes out in a huff, waving off Jimmy's warm greeting. The Tonight Show has not seen Jay in a while so the audience was psyched to see him. They even gave Jay a standing ovation! In line with his "angry guy" bit, Jay waves off the audience too, pretty quickly quieting the enthusiastic crowd. Then Jay GOES OFF!


Jay Leno covers a whole bunch of subjects in his 3+ minute rant, starting with the homey, personalized nature of advertising these days. He cites CNN using a guy named Bob to market some kind of hemorrhoid crème using a website they created where you can find out more about "Bob's hemorrhoids". Jay says something like, "Hey if I wanted that close a look at hemorrhoids, I would just go into my bathroom and use a hand mirror". Then he uses that to jump off on a crackpot Medicinal Marijuana doctor that claims Medical Weed can cure the painful often embarrassing condition of hemorrhoids.

Jay, "angry guy" moves to then talking adamantly about his experience in the Apple Store. Jay goes to buy another "twenty nine dollar, six inch white charge cord" for his iPhone at the Apple store and immediately gets hit with a sales pitch from one of those young know it all Apple "geniuses". Apparently "angry guy" is using an iPhone 7-F, which of course doesn't cut it with the "genius" at the store. "You gotta upgrade" the kid tells him. When Jay finds out how much an iPhone 10th anniversary edition is, he quips: "I didn't spend that much on my 10th wedding anniversary". Then "angry guy" can't believe how big the damn phone is. He says it's basically a huge tablet and "You look like moses carrying around the Ten Commandments with your stupid iPhone".


Jay, right in character of "angry guy" then goes off on supermarkets in LA. Here in LA we pay for our bags, so the clerk always asks you if you "need a bag". Well, "angry guy" don't take too kindly to that as he figured he spent over a hundred bucks in their store, so he should probably not have to ask for a bag. Jay, then using a credit card to pay, wonders why that little black pen is chained to the credit card reader. "Who would steal that? It's not even a pen, it's a plastic stick".

Jay finishes off his routine talking about some annoying trends, like stores inside of stores. "Angry guy" also does not like the fact that Amazon is opening some stores with clerks saying: "That's not new. Sears did that twenty years ago". The audience ate it up, laughing loudly at many of Jay's jokes. Regardless of his time off, Jay's energy and delivery are still in top form. Check out the video from NBC's Youtube channel.