As a horror movie fan, it kinda goes hand-in-hand that I'm a big fan of Sylvester Stallone. After all, Rambo is basically Jason Voorhees with a machine gun and a crossbow, and Cobra is pretty much a straight-up horror flick. Anyhow, this is all to say that when there is a Stallone project in the works, this guy takes notice. Case in point, today we have word that the big man is teaming up with - of all Networks - the History channel for a new cop-drama currently going by the working title The Tenderloin.

The Tenderloin is sure to be a controversial series once it hits the air as it centers on the true story of the first and only policeman in U.S. history executed for murder. But that's how the story all ends, mind you, and so the series seems to be more interested in telling the real struggles of Charles Becker. The show is said to be a passion project for Stallone, who has discovered new facts on Becker's case that shed new light on this infamous anti-hero.

Charles Becker, for those in need of a history lesson (like this guy), was a turn of the century New York cop whose exploits leading up to his ultimate demise will make for one hell of a story to be sure. You see, the powers that be put this Becker-fellow in charge of a collection of cops known as the Strong-Arm Squad. This group of dirty cops was tasked to impose order in a New York that was controlled by gangs and Tammany Hall (the name given to the political climate that dominated NYC politics from 1854-1934). Becker and his team went to full-on war with the Italian, Jewish and Irish gangs in a violent New York City neighborhood called - you guessed it - The Tenderloin.

Sounds epic, right? Bring it on, I say. History EVP and Head of Programming Eli Lehrer says this.

"Long before Miranda Rights or the fictional series The Shield, there was the very real Charles Becker, a police officer living by his own moral code. This is a passion project for Sylvester, who has discovered new facts on Becker's case that shed new light on this infamous anti-hero. We look forward to joining forces with him to bring this incredible story to History audiences."

While there is currently no word on whether or not Sylvester Stallone plans to star in this upcoming show, we do know that the Italian Stallion will executive produce and direct multiple episodes of the potential series. Meanwhile, Sons of Anarchy and The Shield writer Stephen Kay is all set to pen the show's pilot episode. The Tenderloin is an A+E Studios production in association with Balboa Productions. Stallone, Kay and Braden Aftergood (Hell or High Water) will serve as the series' executive producers while Barry Jossen serves as executive producer for A+E Studios. This story comes to us via Deadline.