Jerry O'Connell has done it! He has become an official host of The Talk! It was announced today on The Talk with a full Rocky montage ending in the co-hosts and audience chanting, "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" I have never seen a minute of The Talk (except the montage), but I can say the program has hit pay dirt. He's dynamite!

"It's really exciting," Jerry O'Connell told his new co-hosts after the epic entrance. "First of all I want to say, you ladies have been so welcoming to me, I mean, I came here as a guest, months ago, and just from the moment I walked in, you're just gracious, you're kind, you're fun, and it worked. And here we are and we're gonna have a lot of fun, we really are."

He'll be replacing Sharon Osbourne after her dismissal in March. CBS announced that Osbourne was stepping down from her hosting position in a statement that reads, "The events of the March 10 broadcast were upsetting to everyone involved, including the audience watching at home. As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon's behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace."

The ladies love him. "Jerry, I told you that the last time you were here, I just love having you on set every day. You bring such an amazing energy to this studio, and also like I learn from you every day," Welteroth, 34, said on the show today. "You're an incredible host and and we are so lucky to have you here."

"You guys are amazing," O'Connell replied. "There's also a lot of people behind the cameras here, who really helped out a lot - our whole crew, everybody, the producers. It's a really special feeling around here."

"And you add to that!" Underwood said. "You make everybody smile, you know names, you say good morning to everybody ... We talk, we laugh, we joke."

"But I'm gonna tell you something - it's really a twofer, we get you and we get Rebecca," she continued, referencing O'Connell's wife Rebecca Romjin, with whom he celebrated 14 years of marriage today, TOO! This is a good day, Jerry. Sincerely.

"It's an exciting time, it's something new," he said of his co-host role. "I don't want to say it's scary but it's new, so it's a change. And change is good, you have to do things that scare you, that shake it up a little bit and this is definitely shaking it up, but that was very touching guys thank you so much."

"I'm excited to part of the family," O'Connell said at the close of the episode, before Underwood let the audience know we have to wait a few weeks to see him bring the heat (He has other projects he's finishing up.) before returning in his permanent co-hosting spot for season 12. I'm on the Jerry-train. Get on the Jerry-train, and tune in!