For those who still like to own a physical disc as opposed to streaming everything, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment have released a three-disc Blu-Ray and DVD of the 2020 adaptation of Stephen King's epic apocalypse horror The Stand. In addition to this, there is always a two-pack version which brings home both that version and the original 1994 mini-series starring Rob Lowe and Gary Sinise, all packed with extras including everyone's favorite, the gag reel. While there is not much joy to be found within the story of humanity's struggle against a deadly virus, a personification of evil and itself, the gag reel, a clip of which was exclusively previewed by Collider, shows that the stars at least had some fun during filming.

Featuring Greg Kinnear, Whoopi Goldberg and James Marsden among others, there are clearly times when even filming the end of the world can lead to a bit of joviality. You can check out the 95 seconds of mess-ups, fluffed lines and plenty of giggles below

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The Stand is still one of the most loved Stephen King stories, and one of his longest single volume books and has now been adapted twice. While both versions have captured much of the story as per King's telling, they have also missed out huge chunks of the text that were included in the uncut version of the novel which reinstated a number of characters and story plotlines that were omitted when the book was first publishing due to the volume's monstrous size. While it featured some run of the mill 90's effects, and of course had to comply with the rules of television at the time, the 1994 version is seen as one of the best King adaptations put on screen. While the new version also has its fans, something just fell a little flat for many.

The Stand's official synopsis reads: "When a killer plague wipes out 99% of the world's population, the embattled survivors struggle to make their way in a post-apocalyptic reality. This 2020 adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand frames the eternal battle between good and evil, as embodied by the peaceful 108-year-old prophet Mother Abagail and the menacing presence Randall Flagg, also known as the Dark Man who possesses a lethal smile and unspeakable powers."

As well as the gag reel, both the Blu-ray and DVD versions feature a behind the scenes featurette, An Apocalyptic Epic: Adapting The Stand. The extra is described as a look "inside the creative process of bringing all facets of King's beloved epic to life on screen. Explore the inspiration provided by the original novel, dive deep inside the process of visualizing the deadly Captain Trips virus, and step inside Skarsgård's unexpected approach to the Dark Man as well as Goldberg's inspired backstory for Mother Abagail. Learn the design secrets to building the wonders and dangers of the Boulder Free Zone and New Vegas and get an inside look at King's finale episode screenplay and newly written ending for this epic series in this all access behind the scenes exploration."

The Stand is available to purchase now and is still available for streaming on Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video in some territories.

The Stand Blu-ray