Last month it was reported that Jake Gyllenhaal will be reteaming with Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve for a mysterious new project, and we now have some details as to what that project will entail. The hugely talented actor and director duo are collaborating once again on a limited series for HBO titled The Son. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø, The Son is a tale of vengeance and corruption which Gyllenhaal quickly snapped up the rights to while reportedly envisioning a franchise akin to both the Bourne series and The Fugitive.

While the exact direction of the adaptation is currently unknown, it is likely that the limited series will follow the book quite closely, with the synopsis as follows; "Sonny Lofthus is a strangely charismatic and complacent young man. Sonny's been in prison for a dozen years, nearly half his life. The inmates who seek out his uncanny abilities to soothe leave his cell feeling absolved. They don't know or care that Sonny has a serious heroin habit or where or how he gets his uninterrupted supply of the drug. Or that he's serving time for other peoples' crimes.

Sonny took the first steps toward addiction when his father took his own life rather than face exposure as a corrupt cop. Now Sonny is the seemingly malleable center of a whole infrastructure of corruption: prison staff, police, lawyers, a desperate priest-all of them focused on keeping him high and in jail. And all of them under the thumb of the Twin, Oslo's crime overlord. As long as Sonny gets his dope, he's happy to play the criminal and the prison's in-house savior.

But when he learns a stunning, long-hidden secret concerning his father, he makes a brilliantly executed escape from prison-and from the person he'd let himself become-and begins hunting down those responsible for the crimes against him...The darkly looming question is: Who will get to him first-the criminals or the cops?"

Gyllenhaal will play the protagonist Sonny, as well as be on board as an executive producer on the project alongside Villeneuve. The Son sounds like the perfect story for the two to reunite on and should hopefully prove to be as gripping as their previous ventures Prisoners and Enemy.

The Son has also amassed quite the talented staff backstage, with writer Lenore Zion, whose previous credits include Billions, Channel Zero, and Ray Donovan signing on as showrunner and executive producer. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who are behind HBO's Westworld will also exec produce along with author of The Son, Jo Nesbø.

Francesca Orsi, Executive Vice President, HBO Programming, released a statement regarding The Son, praising the talented pedigree who will be bringing Nesbø's novel to life. "Jonah and Lisa are a formidable creative force and we are excited to collaborate with them again, alongside the brilliant Lenore, to adapt Jo Nesbø's novel," said Orsi. "Denis is a master at weaving visually exquisite and unique narratives, Jake is a gifted actor and producer whose work often traverses provocative and compelling terrain, and of course, he and Denis have collaborated brilliantly in the past. We are beyond excited to see how this powerhouse team tackles this exceptional work."

The Son does not currently have a release date. This comes to us from Deadline.