Treehouse of Horror XXIII, which will be the second episode of The Simpsons' return this fall with Season 24, is airing October 7th, and TVline has revealed some of the details from this highly anticipated Halloween tradition.

This twenty-third installment will revolve around The Black Hole, Back to The Future, and Paranormal Activity.

The episode will open with its Back to The Future parody, which finds Bart going back in time to stop the marriage of Homer and Marge Simpson, which literally tears apart Springfield. Marge's high school paramour Artie Ziff, voiced by returning actor Jon Lovitz, will play a small, but important role in this time travel adventure.


This will be followed by a parody of Paranormal Activity, which finds Homer recording strange occurrences inside the Simpsons' home. To wrap up the episode, Springfield will be terrorized by the appearance of mini black holes, as well as the Mayan "end of the world" prophecy.

It's likely that Homer will be the one to usher in the apocalypse. So stay tuned!