Disney may own the world soon, but the mouse will never be safe from The Simpsons. The home of princesses and their goofy sidekicks has recently become home to massive swaths of the box office after Disney acquired LucasFilms, Marvel, Pixar and now 20th Century Fox. The massive media machine isn't hiding their new found power, but is rather poking fun at it. Too much so because The Simpsons has taken notice.

Disney created the most meta-twitter conversation ever by making each of its powerful branches tweet each other. The umbrella company's twitter account started the chain with a meme of the genie packing and the caption, "It's moving day! Is everyone packed and ready to go to @DisneyPlus?"


"Almost! But in a shocking turn of events, we can't find Dory," said Pixar. National Geographic came in with "Maybe we can help! Have you tried looking in shallow, tropical reefs of the Into-Pacific? That's where you'll find paracanthurus hepatus. Just don't get confused with acanthus leucosternon or acanthus coeruleus-they all are known as blue tangs!" beside a photo of the real-life inspiration of Dory.

Pixar "found Dory," and were ready to go when Marvel Entertainment added to the twitter chain with, "Hang tight. We have quite a few suits here." Then another message. "And we've got Earth's Mightiest Heroes, on your left!" said The Avengers. "Looks like you're in need of some transport, you scruffy-looking nerf herders," said Star Wars. "Welcome aboard the Millennium Falcon, @Marvel! Any more crew expected?"


"I am groot," came from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Star Wars asked everyone to prepare for the jump to lightspeed, and it all ended with Disney Plus' biggest brag.

"It's barely 9:00 am and we already found Dory, assembled the Avengers, and got @Marvel and @StarWars to tweet at each other. NBD just the most ambitious crossover event in history."

Within three minutes, the Simpson's twitter account posted an image of Comic Book Guy looking unamused with the caption, "Worst. Corporate Twitter stunt. Ever." Disney's acquisition of Fox means the long running comedy is now owned by the creators of said stunt, so it is likely that The Simpsons tweet was just another piece of the corporate marketing and social media team's twitter chain, but we like to think that's not the case.


Disney Plus is set to launch next year, and it will change the entertainment landscape forever. The launch will include a bundle with Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for only $12.99. As expected, Hulu will be the more general entertainment, Disney Plus will have the family-friendly films and shows, and ESPN Plus will of course offer sports. Now that Disney has 20th Century Fox content at its finger tips, it is going to take the streaming wars by storm.

Disney has only given us a glimpse at the changes to come, and they are extreme. While they will be continuing with Avatar and The Planet of the Apes, Disney cleared much of Fox's in-development slate. Although the Fox-owned heroes are reportedly under Feige's command, no announcements have been made. You can see the whole twitter thread on Disney's original tweet.