After previously "predicting" the presidency of Donald Trump, fans of The Simpsons say the show has done it again with Kamala Harris. On Wednesday, Harris was officially sworn in as vice president of the United States, and for the occasion, she wore a purple ensemble along with a pearl necklace. It wasn't long before The Simpsons fans noticed that the outfit was incredibly familiar, bearing a striking resemblance to what Lisa Simpson wore as president in the 2000 episode, "Bart to the Future."

In the classic episode, which is set in the future, Bart is given a vision of his future as a wannabe rock musician. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Lisa has become president of the United States. Certainly, it's odd enough that Lisa just so happens to be wearing an ensemble that looks almost exactly like what the nation's first female vice president was wearing at the inauguration. What really makes the coincidence eerie is that Lisa is that both are also coming into office after a Trump presidency, as Lisa notes she's "inherited quite the budget crunch" from Trump.


"Kamala Harris was wearing the same outfit yesterday as Lisa Simpson does in her first day as president, entering office after Trump, in The Simpsons," one fan of the series observed.

"Yeah, everything that ever will be has already been on "The Simpsons". But this is a bit on the nose," says another tweet.

"Kamala Harris really is Lisa Simpson and I'm all for it," one tweet reads, including a side-by-side comparison.

Another fan theorizes, "I can't help but wonder if @KamalaHarris subconsciously dressed like Lisa Simpson or did it purpose to mess with us!?"

In actuality, there could be a very simple explanation for both Lisa and Kamala wearing purple. Wearing the color can be used as a nod to the suffragette movement and bipartisanship, as purple blends the colors of blue (Democrats) and red (Republicans). It's possible Lisa wore her purple outfit for these reasons, as it is for Kamala to have done so in real life. Still, the similarities of the style of the ensemble complete with the trademark pearls are very uncanny.


Over the years, The Simpsons has developed a reputation for being able to predict the future. Recently, fans said the show called Tom Hanks hosting a television special for the United States government. In The Simpsons Movie, Hanks can be seen in a video introducing himself and saying, "The U.S. government has lost its credibility, so it's borrowing some of mine." Hanks emceed the Celebrating America broadcast on Inauguration Day, which for some fans was yet another prediction brought to life by the long-running animated series.

Of course, the writers at The Simpsons are not clairvoyant, and the show just has a way of producing so many odd coincidences after over three decades on the air. Currently, the show is in the midst of season 32 and continues to air on Fox. Season 33 will premiere on Sep. 27. New episodes will resume on Feb. 14, and they can also be viewed the next day after they air on Hulu.