The Disney+ streaming service is preparing to launch in November and The Simpsons are getting in on the promotional madness. America's favorite animated family takes a humorous and edgy approach to the new streaming service and their place within it. When Disney+ launches, viewers will have every episode of The Simpsons at their fingertips, which is pretty strange to think about, even though the long-running animated series predicted the Disney and Fox deal years ago.

In The Simpsons Disney+ teaser, Bart is a disgruntled Mickey Mouse, reluctant to put on his nose and ears, while Homer squeezes himself into an Iron Man costume. Marge is dressed as Toy Story's Bo Peep, Maggie is in a Yoda outfit from Star Wars, and Lisa is a melting icecap. Each character is a part of Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + National Geographic. While Bart is reluctant at first to slap on the ears and nose, Homer proves to be quite persuasive. And threatens his son with trademark violence. However, Bart gets the last laugh and moons the camera right as the picture is being taken.

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The Simpsons have been on the air for 30 years now, which is unbelievable to think about. Bart Simpson has come a long way from his once controversial catch phrase of "eat my shorts." The show was at one time considered to be too adult for children, but that has since fallen by the wayside with the addition of shows like Family Guy and South Park. With that being said, many fans are concerned that the new merger will lead to a sanitized version of the family, who is known for making fun of corporations.

If the new teaser has anything to prove, it might be that The Simpsons are going to keep their edge. Bart as Mickey Mouse mooning the camera is one thing, but it's Lisa's costume that has the most to say. When one tries to think of a costume for National Geographic, the obvious choice would be to go for a cute animal. Instead, they go with a melting icecap, which is undoubtedly a nod to global warming. There's still some edge left in The Simpsons, but we just might have to try a little harder to find it.

It's still pretty weird to think of The Simpsons joining forces with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Mickey Mouse. The show has gone through times of trouble in the past few seasons with many feeling that the writing isn't what it used to be, but the new episodes under the Disney umbrella may prove to be reinvigorating to the writers. We'll just have to wait and see. At least the teaser seems to be on brand for the long-running animated family. You can check out The Simpsons Disney+ teaser below, thanks to the Disney+ Twitter account.