Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk will play a lawyer once again in animated form, as the actor will soon guest star as an attorney on The Simpsons. Ahead of his appearance on the show, a first look photo of Odenkirk's character has also been released, depicting him with no pants, a messy shirt, and a five o'clock shadow. Completing the look is an expensive ring which would make Saul Goodman proud. The episode will also serve as a reunion of sorts between Odenkirk siblings, as Bob's brother, Simpsons co-executive producer Bill Odenkirk, wrote the script. "If we don't get a good review from Mama Odenkirk, then we're going to be in trouble," jokes executive producer Al Jean.


The upcoming episode follows Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) in the midst of a pickpocketing sting operation. "Homer is the mark because he's got such a big butt so he's a good target for pickpocketing," says Jean. Local mob boss Fat Tony (Joe Montegna) is arrested, but didn't actually do anything. Now, the gangster must find out who the guilty one really is while still defending himself. Bring in Fat Tony's mob lawyer, voiced by Bob Odenkirk. "He charges by the minute so he speaks... really... slowly," Jean explains about the character. "He just wants money for talking to Fat Tony."

Fans of Odenkirk will obviously know a lawyer is the perfect role to use the actor's voice for on The Simpsons. He first appeared as sleazy attorney Jimmy "Saul Goodman" McGill in the hit AMC series Breaking Bad, often assisting Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) with their legal troubles. Following the conclusion of the series, Saul's story continued in the spin-off Better Call Saul, which has also become a hit for the AMC network. After four acclaimed seasons, the series will return for Season 5 in early 2020, although the exact premiere date has yet to be revealed. The role earned Odenkirk Best Actor nominations at the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes and a Best Ensemble win in 2014 at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.


After three decades on the air, The Simpsons is still going strong with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Recently, it was revealed the series will be spoofing Stranger Things in this year's annual Treehouse of Horror episode, which will oddly enough be episode number 666. Over the years, the show has been host to countless special guests voicing characters on the series, with some even playing themselves. Some of these one-off characters have proven to be so memorable they're still talked about years later, and we'll see if Odenkirk's lawyer achieves that same status.

This isn't Odenkirk's first foray into voiceover work, as he previously lent his voice to the Devil in Hell and Back and played Winston Deaver in Incredibles 2. His inclusion on The Simpsons has been a long time coming, and the episode will be must-see for fans of the actor. Season 31 of The Simpsons will premiere on Fox in September. This information comes to us from Entertainment Weekly.