HBO has released a new look at The Righteous Gemstones and it looks hilarious. The new series stars Danny McBride, John Goodman, and Adam Devine as the titular religious family who has a lot more going on behind-the-scenes than they let on when it comes to earning money. The new look focuses on the greedy underbelly of the family and their unorthodox ways of getting rich while leaving the church in the dust. The new series comes to us from McBride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green.

The Righteous Gemstones family has a "long tradition of deviance, greed and charitable work," according to HBO and all of that is on full display in the latest trailer for the series, which premieres on August 18th. Edi Patterson, who also starred in Vice Principals, gets more time to shine in the new preview of the series and she seems to have a lot more going on under the surface for the family when it comes to securing the aforementioned funds. Walton Goggins, Cassidy Freeman, Tony Cavalero, Tim Baltz, and Greg Alan Williams also star.

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Walton Goggins plays the reoccurring character Baby Billy, "a former child star who clogged and sang for Jesus. As an aging man, he's fallen on hard times and comes to the Gemstones for salvation." Things look like they're going to be pretty interesting in The Righteous Gemstones. Danny McBride's Jesse Gemstone has more than a few ways to spread the word of God while lining his pockets at the same time and one of those ideas revolves around a mass baptism in a wave park, which ends in disaster when someone turns on the waves.

John Goodman plays the role of family patriarch Eli Gemstone in The Righteous Gemstones. He is described as "a powerful worldwide force for the evangelist community" and is known for his "aggressive salvation techniques, his worldwide ministries, and his award-winning weekly television program." Adam Devine plays Kelvin Gemstone, the youngest out of the siblings, and the one who has a slight edge when it comes to dealing with his family. The trailer for the show looks hilarious and August 18th can't get here soon enough.

The Righteous Gemstones marks the third time Danny McBride has worked with HBO following Eastbound and Down and Vice Principals. However, this series looks to be a bit more on the outrageous side when compared to the other two shows, which is saying a lot. Kenny Powers is an outrageous character, but it looks like Jesse Gemstone is going a bit further out on the edge. Having Walter Goggins, Adam Devine, Edi Patterson, and John Goodman on the show is already guaranteeing that The Righteous Gemstones will be an amazing comedy series. You can check out the latest trailer for The Righteous Gemstones below, thanks to the HBO YouTube channel.