Community Season 3 Sneak Peek

The Return of Community Season 3 Set Visit Sneak Preview

It's no secret that Community has a rabid fan base, and they cried fowl long and loud into the night last December when NBC yanked the fledgling sitcom from their Thursday night slate so that 30 Rock could live yet again.

After an extensive online campaign by Greendale enthusiasts, NBC promised they would finish filming all twenty-two Community Season 3 episodes as planned, and air them sometime before summer. Only then, after these last eleven episodes air and the ratings are in, will the true fate of Community be determined. Well, it looks like NBC is holding true to their word. They've given the sitcom a March 15th return date, which is only six weeks away from now, and shooting has indeed resumed!

Our field reporter Terri Schwartz was recently on set to talk with the cast and crew about these final eleven episodes, which find Breaking Bad's former baddie Giancarlo Esposito joining the cast as a business associate of Pierce's (Chevy Chase) crazy, racist father. There are plenty of other surprises in store as well.

This is what Terri was able to uncover for us.

Terri Schwartz shows some restraint on the Community set <blockquote class=There are a lot of things to look forward to once {8} returns from hiatus. Having just visited the set, I can promise plenty more of Señor Chang, a lot more Britta-ing, and even evil Abed and his ominous mustache will make another appearance. John Goodman and Troy's air conditioning storyline is set to make a return as well."/>

Even more exciting than seeing our old favorites once the show returns is news that a new actor is going to be joining the cast of Community! Bored to Death star John Hodgman will be appearing in an episode as a character that I can't disclose just yet...But I promise it will be freaking awesome!

In addition to John Hodgman's storyline, there will be many more "themed" episodes in the forthcoming second half of Community Season 3. One will feature a heist reminiscent of Ocean's Eleven, pitting the study group against the Dean and Chang. Then, an upcoming Law & Order homage had every cast member talking about how awesome it will be during our impending interview coverage. Yet another will mark a return to the Biology classroom, as the Greendale gang's big midterm project gets tampered with and spawns a "Who done it?" showdown.

There will be a death as these final eleven episodes play out, but mums the word on who'll kick the bucket. The Dreamatorium will prove to be very important. And, more importantly, the cast members have promised that Community Season 3 will have a satisfying finale. In case NBC pulls their card, and they aren't allowed to come back for a fourth season.

Things are looking to get a bit nutty in Season 3While I can't tell you what its role in season 3 is, I was also allowed to snap a photo of one of the sets being used in an impending episode. Speculate away as to why arm restraints are needed and why there are little pills in those paper cups!

Stay tuned to TVweb over the next few weeks as Community's March 15th return looms closer. We will have interviews with cast members Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown and Chevy Chase, as well as an inside look at the filming of some of these future episodes."

Terri Schwartz will be back shortly with her full coverage from the Community set. Until then, just remember, you Human Beings may not get a Season 4, but you will be awarded an amazing series finale this spring! And in this age of unexpected pink slips, that is truly something to appreciate as a fan!