Ashton Kutcher's time at The Ranch is over, as the actor has tweeted that Netflix has officially canceled the series. The show has been on the network for four years, running three full seasons during that time. Although it's been canceled, the show will be back for a fourth and final season consisting of 20 new episodes, with the first ten arriving later this year. The final set of episodes will then likely arrive sometime in 2020 before the show officially comes to a close, so at least there will be plenty of time for fans to start preparing for the end.

First debuting on Netflix in 2016, The Ranch starred Kutcher as Colt Bennett, a former high school and college football star returning his family's ranch to help run the family business. Elisha Cuthbert starred as Colt's high school sweetheart Abby, with Debra Winger and Sam Elliott co-starring as his parents. Kutcher's former That '70s Show co-star Danny Masterson also was featured in a prominent role as Colt's brother Rooster, and had been considered a fan favorite of the series. For the most part, the show has been critically acclaimed, and it can still be called a success given that most Netflix shows don't seem to make it past three seasons.

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At the height of The Ranch's run, the show was dealt a major blow when multiple allegations of sexual assault were made against Danny Masterson. The actor was never arrested or charged, but Netflix had announced his firing by the end of 2017. His character Rooster was then killed off-screen by way of revealing he had been involved in a motorcycle accident. Whether or not his removal was justified, his absence created a void in the show, and it just seemed like something was missing when he was no longer around.

The situation with Masterson brought about tons of controversy and mixed opinions when the character was written off the show. You could say that the allegations came at the worst possible time as it was at the peak of the Me Too movement, which saw many actors and other entertainers losing their careers in the blink of an eye. While there were some happy to see Masterson fired and in full support of the decision, other fans of the show were unhappy to see him gone. Their counter-argument was that Masterson had not gone on trial and there wasn't any hard evidence to prove his guilt. In any case, Masterson's removal seems to have had a negative impact on the show's overall viewership, and could have played a big part in the show's cancelation.

As of now, there's no official release date for the fourth and final season of The Ranch. We can expect to see the first ten of the last twenty episodes hitting Netflix later this year, with the rest to follow next year. For now, all three existing seasons can be binged on the network at any time. This information comes to us from Ashton Kutcher on Twitter.