Netflix was quick to cut all ties with Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. following their recent sexual misconduct allegations. However, the streaming service is still moving forward with The Ranch season 4, which stars Danny Masterson, who has also been accused of sexual assault. Several women have accused the former That 70s Show star of rape and now, one of his accusers has come forward to call out Netflix for their decision. Here's what Chrissie Carnell Bixler had to say in a recent statement.

"I was sick when I read Netflix's statement on continuing with The Ranch and continuing their working relationship with a man who has violently raped and abused so many women. Four months after the story broke, and the LAPD confirmed a criminal investigation, Netflix ordered another season of The Ranch. After the HuffPost piece, and the journalist reaching out 15 times to get a statement from Netflix, [they] ultimately said they will continue to work with Masterson until something develops. (Not the actual quote obviously.) For me, what Netflix has done, feels like a continuation of how the Church of Scientology made me feel when I reported my rape to them, as well as how Danny Masterson made me feel when I would beg him for an apology, an explanation, anything. I was made to feel unimportant. I was made to feel like I didn't matter. Like what Danny Masterson did to me didn't matter. My body doesn't matter, because it doesn't belong to me. The trauma and emotional pain doesn't matter, because I just don't matter. 'Danny Masterson is a celebrity. He flourishes and prospers in life. You protect that and reward that.' Direct quote from the Church of Scientology.
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The allegations made against Danny Masterson are quite severe. Many in Hollywood have been revealed to have been engaging in sexual misconduct following the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, but Masterson has been accused of rape by at least three different women. The claims were being looked at by the LAPD, though, a couple of weeks ago, despite a lot of evidence supporting the claims, the case was revealed to have stalled out. This statement was released by the LAPD regarding the allegations.

"The Los Angeles Police Department Robbery Homicide Division, Sexual Assault Section, is conducting an investigation involving the actor Danny Masterson. Three women have come forward and disclosed that they were sexually assaulted by Masterson during the early 2000s."

Danny Masterson's association with the Church of Scientology has been of particular note in this case. When the allegations were first made public in March, the actor and his reps denied them and claimed that the allegations were being made in order to help promote the TV series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. While Masterson has not been charged with a crime at this time, Chrissie Carnell Bixler feels moving forward with The Ranch is the wrong move, to put it lightly.

"I don't matter. The other women don't matter. Our pain means nothing, and we should be good little girls and shut our mouths. No! I'm going to be an amazing woman who will NOT shut my mouth when I find out my rapist raped countless other women. I will NOT shut my mouth when Netflix tries to make us feel like we don't matter. We DO matter. We ARE important. We will see justice for what was done to us, and is continuing to be done to us...and for all those who knew/know and are either actively helping this serial rapist or are choosing to stay silent...YOU don't matter. Victims are taking back the power that was stolen from us, and things are going to change. Netflix should write that down."

Chrissie Carnell Bixler, known as Chrissie Carnell in the early 2000s, dated Danny Masterson for six years. Masterson has yet to comment officially on the matter. The Daily Beast, who released Bixler's statement to Netflix, reached out to The Church of Scientology and got a response from a law firm who represents them saying, "It is per se defamatory to accuse the Church of engaging in, fostering, or covering up criminal behavior. The Church will not stand by idly and be accused, directly or by implication, of committing a crime." Your move, Netflix.