Yesterday, Netflix teased a 30-second sneak peek at The Punisher, with the full trailer finally arriving today. And it is exactly what you'd expect for a character called the Punisher. The first look at the highly anticipated series came in the form of a post-credit surprise at the end of Marvel's Defenders in late August. That initial introduction is nothing compared to this new 2-minute trailer. In addition, the new trailer teases the official release date by making fans guess when the show will make its debut on Netflix.

Frank Castle is ready for some serious action and violence in the new clip that comes to us via the official Netflix YouTube channel. It shows Castle exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his family and uncovering a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York's underground crime scene. Tender moments are mixed with some dark solo shots of Castle before his world is completely torn apart. The tender aspects of this trailer last only 20 seconds before viewers are skyrocketed into the psyche of Frank Castle, aka, The Punisher.

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After the 20 seconds of domestic bliss are over, spray paint can be heard and seen, making the familiar Punisher logo, while Castle is getting locked and loaded to exact his revenge. The scene then switches to his enemies and voice over that says, "Shoot on sight," to which Castle replies, "With pleasure." From here on out it's all blood and revenge. The trailer is dark and stylish with a soundtrack that is all too fitting for The Punisher. Marvel and Netflix pulled out all of the stops with this new trailer that is sure to get fans' excitement up a few notches.

The trailer is also notable for taking a well-known rock song and remixing it and contorting it to fit into the carnage shown on screen. The Defenders used Nirvana's "Come As You Are" and in typical Punisher-fashion, the new clip is a reworked version of Metallica's classic and equally brutal song, "One." Metallica and The Punisher go together too well and it's almost like the song was tailor-made for the new Netflix series. The snare drum blasts mimicking the machine gun violence is something that really needs to be seen to fully enjoy.

Netflix's The Punisher looks like it's going to be just as violent and bloody as the comics, which is just what fans have been waiting for. Jon Bernthal blew fans expectations away in his brief role in Daredevil, but The Punisher series is on a whole other level. Paul Schulze is the villainous William Rawlins and there's also a glimpse of Ben Barnes as Jigsaw, which is also raising the hype meter up. Now that everybody is excited, when exactly can we plan on watching the series? That's where Netflix has gotten clever, as the date is obscured on the YouTube channel and a jumbled script during the trailer. However, The Punisher is expected to make its debut this fall sometime, maybe November. Watch the violent trailer in all of its glory below.