Production is currently underway for The Punisher Season 2 and a new set video features Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle dashing into action. It's been a little while since we've seen an update from the set of Netflix's massively popular The Punisher, other than recent casting news. It was announced just a few weeks after the debut of The Punisher Season 1 that a new season had been officially confirmed by Netflix, but we have yet to receive an official premiere date, leading many to believe that it will be a surprise.

The new behind-the-scenes set video from The Punisher shows Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle running through a crowd with the iconic skull emblem on his chest. In some still pictures, it's easy to see that Castle has been shot, with his shirt bloodied and bruises on his face, but he still is able run and chase down the culprit. It's unclear what's going on in the scene as a whole, but it looks intense and very much like The Punisher that fans have anxiously awaiting for since last winter.

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Ben Barnes is officially returning for The Punisher Season 2 as Billy Russo, but will more than likely be the fan-favorite villain Jigsaw now. Russo's life has been "shattered," as Barnes put it in a recent interview. According to Ben Barnes, Russo might not even have all of his memory intact, which will make for some pretty interesting twists in Season 2. He explains.

"I think it's really interesting after having everything that you have made your foundations on in terms of the way that you come across to the world: his looks, the business that he's built up... that's all been literally shattered. We'll literally see it on his face. And so I think that there's great opportunity to explore what that does to his mind and what it is that he even remembers. I have no idea what kind of parameters they're going to give me to toy with it but I've certainly got lots of ideas about he could be."

There have been a few new castings for The Punisher Season 2 over the past few months. Corbin Bernsen will portray Anderson Schultz, a character described as "an extremely wealthy man who's grown accustomed to getting his way." Schultz's power and legacy are of big importance, and he will go to no end to make sure that his legacy is secure. Annette O'Toole has been cast as Eliza Schultz, the wife of Bernsen's character, who's described as "a conniving, wealthy woman, cut from the same manipulative cloth as her husband, Anderson."

It has previously been reported that the production of The Punisher Season 2 will go until the end of July, after starting in late February. If this is true, it looks like seeing the series return by the end of the year is unlikely. Instead, it seems that we'll see Frank Castle back in action in early 2019. However, Netflix will more than likely launch a cryptic promotional campaign, much like it did for the first season, which means that the release date could be a surprise. Hopefully it drops sooner than later... You can check out the new set video on Reddit and see the set photos below.