It had been previously reported that The Punisher Season 2 would begin production at the end of last month in New York and now we have confirmation that filming is underway for the hit Netflix show. One lucky fan was able to snap some pictures of a bloody Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle and was even able to talk to the actor and take pictures with him as well. Season 2 of The Punisher was announced only weeks after the show made its secretive debut at the end of last year.

Production for The Punisher season 2 is currently underway in Bellmore, New York where Frank Castle has found himself in a sticky situation. Jon Bernthal's face is bloodied in new pictures from the set. The actor took time out of shooting to pose for pictures and even let the lucky photographer pose with him. The Punisher fan Scott Schmeizer took the pictures and posted them on his Facebook account, noting that Bernthal, "is the absolute coolest!"

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As for why Bernthal's face is all bloody, Scott Schmeizer says that there was a bar brawl and then a shootout, which makes perfect sense in the world of Frank Castle. The location is expected to be used for the next week and some of the new castings might reveal a location switch to Ohio or at least a set that resembles Ohio. The Punisher season 2 is rumored to be loosely based off of the Suicide Run story line with the addition of Georgia Wigham playing the character Amy Bendix from the comics. The casting news brought along the other new information that some of the story could take place in an Ohio Sheriff's Department.

The Punisher season 2 has also been rumored to include bits from Garth Ennis' 2005 to 2006 Marvel Comics stories The Slavers. Showrunner Steve Lightfoot and star Jon Bernthal have also expressed interest in the Barracuda as the main villain, which puts the show in the right timeline, if they decide to bring him in for the second season. There has not been a confirmation as to what Season 2 will be about from Marvel or Netflix, but we should find out pretty soon.

Ben Barnes will also be returning as Jigsaw, so Marvel may be taking from multiple storylines from the comics to make a cohesive second season or even reinvent characters from the comics. Production is currently underway for The Punisher season 2 and it's expected to run until July, which may result in a premiere date later this year. If Netflix and Marvel decide to use the same marketing approach that they used last season, The Punisher season 2 premiere will be a mystery until right before it airs.