The Punisher season 2 is heading to Netflix very soon. It's been a busy, and in many ways disappointing year for Netflix's little corner of the Marvel universe. It looks like the street-level hero business (or anti-hero in this case) is set to continue sooner rather than later, as Frank Castle will be making his way back to the streaming service in January 2019. While Netflix hasn't announced a specific return date, the company did reveal that the series is indeed returning next month.

Netflix recently revealed a video showcasing what's being made available for subscribers to enjoy in January. At the very end of the video, we get a glimpse of Jon Bernthal suited up as Frank Castle in his signature van. After he drives off, a card comes up that reads "coming soon." So The Punisher season 2 will arrive early on in the new year. Several outlets later confirmed that "soon" does indeed mean January. While this is exciting for those who are eager to see more of the character, it does signal that the end is likely near for these small screen heroes.

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2018 saw the release of Luke Cage season 2, Iron Fist season 2 and Daredevil season 3, which was widely regarded as the best single season of any Marvel show the streaming service has released up to this point. But, unfortunately for fans, all three shows were swiftly canceled after their premieres, signaling that the end of this era is coming to a close. It's highly likely and expected that both The Punisher and Jessica Jones, which were already deep into production on new seasons, are also going to get the ax once their latest batches of episodes debut.

Despite the fact that these shows have been very successful and generally very well-liked (with perhaps the exception of Iron Fist season 1), Netflix and Marvel have decided to start calling it quits with these endeavors. Much of that surely has to do with the fact that Disney is launching their own streaming service, Disney+, late next year. It's already been confirmed that these shows won't be ported over to Disney+, but the Mouse House clearly isn't eager to assist the competition any longer, as they're going to now be competing directly with Netflix.

As for The Punisher season 2, we should expect to see a full-length trailer coming our way very soon since the show is returning in a month or so, if not sooner. It's not yet clear when Jessica Jones season 3 will debut, but it's now highly likely that, when it does, it will be the last season of these shows to arrive before they're all canceled for good. Joining Jon Bernthal in the cast of season 2 will be Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah, Jason R. Moore, Josh Stewart, Floriana Lima, and Giorgia Whigham. Be sure to check out the full video revealing what else is coming to the streaming service in January from the Netflix streaming YouTube channel below. The footage comes in at the 1:58 mark.