The Punisher Season 2 will see the return of Debora Ann Woll's Karen Page. Additionally, showrunner Steve Lightfoot revealed that Ben Barnes' take on Jigsaw will differ from the comic book source material. The show was an instant hit for Netflix when it premiered late last year and fans have been impatiently waiting for some new footage ever since. From Leaked set images we knew that Barnes was back as Billy, but we have yet to see any images of Woll from the set.

The Punisher showrunner Steven Lightfoot admits that it was hard to get Debora Ann Woll on to the set because of how busy she was with Daredevil. However, he did reveal that she is in Season 2 and that, "In the world of the show, that relationship continues to be very important." This is promising news since Karen Page has been with Frank Castle since he made his debut on Daredevil. With all of the Marvel cancellations going on, it was unclear if Page would be making an appearance at all, and from the sound of things, she won't be on a whole lot.

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Ben Barnes is back as Billy, but he will be Jigsaw, even though they don't refer to him under that name in The Punisher Season 2. Additionally, the show didn't go the comic book route to make his face all gruesome. Barnes says, "He very much has a jigsaw puzzle in his brain, is the point. It's not necessarily about his face." Barnes went on to talk more about his Jigsaw character. He explains.

"He's had a plastic surgeon try to fix him. With all these stories, they've gone for hopefully a more grounded version of what that imagery would be, but I think there's also a couple of interesting facets to that, one of which is that obviously we're talking about a deeply narcissistic character in the first season whose mask of appeal, in terms of doing his hair and wearing his nice suits, has been stripped away from him."

While Ben Barnes' take on Jigsaw won't take on the "horror show" aspect from the comics and the end of The Punisher Season 1, it's promised that he will still have a very interesting look with a cool twist. Barnes went on to say that his character is suffering from memory loss from all of the blows to the head, but some of his memory is still intact, though the actor could not divulge any further information. Steven Lightfoot provided a bit more information about Jigsaw, which you can read below.

"The key thing is, emotionally, he's having to deal with having everything he fought so hard for and everything that, in a way, he betrays his brother to get - money, power, status - all of those that fill this hole in him, they've all been taken away. And he's having to deal with that and coming to terms with the fact that Frank was the one who took that away from him."

Marvel fans are scared that The Punisher Season 2 will be its last, and it very well could be with all of the housecleaning that Netflix has been doing with their Marvel content. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil have all been cancelled and many believe that The Punisher cancellation announcement will be made shortly after the season debuts. It's still unclear if these shows will be picked up by the Disney+ streaming platform, but fans are hoping that they'll all make a return some time down the line. These interviews were first published by IGN.