Eminem, much like many other people within the Marvel fandom, is not happy with Netflix's recent decision to cancel The Punisher. The streaming service began purging their Marvel shows last year and in a recent move that was expected, but no less unwelcomed, they canceled the last two shows based on characters from Marvel Comics on their roster, giving the axe to Jessica Jones, ahead of the debut of its third season, and The Punisher. The Detroit rapper is, to say the least, not thrilled about it.

While Eminem hasn't weighed in on Netflix's decision to cancel Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil or Jessica Jones, he was clearly a big fan of The Punisher, which ran for a total of two seasons and starred Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. Taking to Twitter, Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, expressed his distaste for this decision in a simple but effective message that was posted in all caps. Here's what he had to say.

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"Dear Netflix, regarding your cancellation of The Punisher, you are blowing it!! Sincerely, Marshall."

Given that the Grammy-winning rapper isn't the most active individual on Twitter, often opting to retweet posts rather than tweet himself, the fact that he felt the need to blast Netflix over this shows where he stands. He also happens to have 22.5 million follows, which gave this tweet an awful lot of attention. As of this writing, it's been retweeted 101 thousand times, to go along with 371 thousand likes and 6.9 thousand replies. Eminem's sentiments echo that of many who didn't want to see these shows disappear from Netflix's large lineup of original programming. But, unfortunately, times are changing.

Netflix has focused increasingly on original programming as opposed to licensed content for its service in recent years. While shows like The Punisher exist exclusively on their service, they do come from a licensing deal with Marvel. That means, they have to pay Marvel for that license and they don't ultimately own the shows. As Disney, who owns Marvel, gets ready to launch their own streaming service, Disney+, later this year, both companies are essentially getting ready to go to war with one another for streaming supremacy. Disney is pulling all of its content from Netflix down the line. Netflix, meanwhile, clearly doesn't want to be handing the competition tons of licensing fees.

There is another side to this, from Eminem's perspective. In 2009, he was featured in a special two-issue miniseries in the pages of Marvel Comics, Eminem/The Punisher. The book sees the rapper teaming up with Frank Castle to take down an enemy known as Barracuda. So, even years before the character made his small screen debut in Daredevil season 2, Eminem had strong ties to him. Those hoping for a revival, which could eventually happen on Hulu, will have to wait at least two years, per the contracts that existed between the companies. Be sure to check out the original post from Eminem's Twitter account below.