Betty White has announced the re-release of her long-lost TV series Betty White's Pet Set after 50 years. Featuring White conducting interviews with celebrity guests and interacting with their pets, the series originally aired for 31 episodes in 1971. Taking to Twitter to post a video preview of the series, White announced that The Pet Set is now available to watch on Apple TV.

"I am so pleased to announce the re-release of Betty White's Pet Set today," White says in the announcement. "I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it 50 years ago."

Betty White's Pet Set highlights celebrities and their pets, which made for a perfect series for an animal rights advocate like White to host. Many big stars were featured on the show during its run, including names like Burt Reynolds, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett, Doris Day, and James Stewart. White also used the series to help promote discussions about pet care, ecology, and wildlife preservation.

White has had dozens and dozens over the course of her career, but one of her most popular shows is the classic comedy series The Golden Girls. Co-starring Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, and Rue McClanahan, the series follows four mature women sharing a home in Miami. It was recently confirmed that every episode of the beloved sitcom will be heading to Disney+ this summer, though it's currently streaming on Hulu for anyone out there who doesn't want to wait.

Though she's nearly 100 years old, White is still far from finished. She is set to take on her next acting role later this year, so as long as it's safe to film by the time production will begin. A Christmas movie, the untitled project will star White as a Santa Claus impersonator trainer who just might be connected to the real Saint Nick. The movie was originally scheduled to release last year but was delayed to keep Betty safe during the pandemic. Set to air on Lifetime, the new plan was to film the project sometime this year for a Winter 2021 release.

"We're all still dreaming of a White Christmas with Betty White - unfortunately we will have to wait until 2021," a statement from the network read when the news of the delay was announced last year.

Last month, Betty White turned 99 years old and fans all across the world celebrated the occasion. Over the past year, as White has been practicing social distancing, she has largely been keeping to herself at home. Fortunately, she has had her animal companions keeping her company, such as two ducks she enjoys feeding every single day. Betty's love for animals is just as clear now as it was when The Pet Set was filming, showing not much has changed with White over the past 50 years.

Betty White's Pet Set is available to watch digitally now on Apple TV. The DVD set of the entire series can also now be purchased at retailers like Amazon and Walmart. This news comes to us from Betty White on Twitter.