Fans of The Office rejoice, as Leslie David Baker is looking to make a spin-off titled Uncle Stan. Albeit an unofficial spin-off, as this does not appear to be sanctioned by NBC. In any event, Baker is reviving his beloved character Stanley Hudson (though not by name) for a new series that would pick up after the events of the workplace comedy. Baker has officially launched a Kickstarter to make the series happen.

Over on Instagram, Leslie David Baker shared a video of himself in character. While he doesn't say he's playing Stanley Hudson, for legal reasons, it's clear that is the case. As fans of The Office may recall, Stanley retired to Florida at the end of the show. As revealed in the video, he will be coming out of retirement to help his nephew run his business. Over on Kickstarter, a description of Uncle Stan was provided, which reads as follows.

"After enjoying his retirement in Florida, carving wood, enjoying the white sand beaches, and dancing to old disco, Uncle Stan (Leslie David Baker) gets a call from his nephew Lucky in Los Angeles asking for help with his two kids and running his motorcycle/flower shop. With his business failing, his kids growing up without enough attention, and on the brink of losing his patience with the cast of characters he has working in the shop, Lucky is going to need all the help he can get from no-nonsense Uncle Stan."

Leslie David Baker is looking to raise $300,000 to make the show. As of this writing, the campaign has brought in $22,567. As with any Kickstarter, there are various perks at the various backer levels that get increasingly appealing as the donation increases. At the $10,000 level, fans can be a writer of an episode, visit the set in Los Angeles, or get a walk-on speaking role.


Even though The Office went off the air in 2013 the sitcom has remained wildly popular. This is largely thanks to the show streaming on Netflix, which has allowed new fans to discover it, and old fans to rewatch it constantly. The show will be leaving Netflix next year for NBC's Peacock, which will be one of the major appeals of the service. That speaks volumes about the show's viability all these years later.

Fans have called for a revival or, at the very least, a reunion special for some time now. While that seems possible, it has yet to happen. NBC also tried a spin-off, which aired as a backdoor pilot during the show's final season. The Farm would have centered on Dwight and his family at Schrute Farms. Ultimately, the project didn't move forward. Instead, Leslie David Baker has taken it upon himself to keep the show's legacy alive. Those interested in backing the project can head on over to Kickstarter.