The Office finished its run of 9 seasons more than 4 years ago, but it remains a beloved show and one that fans still regularly binge on Netflix. One of the staples of the series was pranks that Jim (John Krasinski) would pull on Dwight (Rainn Wilson). There were many great pranks over the years, starting with the stapler in the Jello during the show's pilot episode, but it sounds like the best prank Jim ever pulled on Dwight never made it to air. According to David Rogers, who worked as an editor on The Office, Jim convinced Dwight that he was in The Matrix in the series finale.

David Rogers recently appeared on an episode of Bios and talked about his experience working on The Office. While talking about the series finale, he revealed that, originally, there was a cold open in which Jim pulled one over on Dwight by somehow making him think he was in the Matrix. Not the movie, mind you. But the fictional Matrix that doesn't exist. Here's what David Rogers had to say about it.

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"The finale came in really, really long. There was a cold open that is the ultimate prank where, Jim pranks Dwight, and he does the ultimate prank: he makes Dwight think that he's in The Matrix. And people asked us, like, 'Oh, did you, you know, you ran out of, you know, it was just too long, you guys didn't shoot it, it, it's not in the episode, you didn't put it on the deleted scenes.' We shot it...I cut it."

For some reason this epic Matrix prank, which sounds like it would rank up there among the best Jim vs Dwight pranks in the entire series, didn't make it on the DVD set. It is understandable that the bit didn't make it to air since The Office series finalehad an awful lot to accomplish in just under an hour, but still. One would think this bit would have shown up somewhere by now. Doug Rogers gave some hope that we may see it someday, but it really isn't in his hands.

"That's all up to Greg Daniels, but, uh, maybe the 10 year anniversary, the 20 year anniversary? We'll see."

The Office, which was an American adaptation of the short-lived but beloved BBC series, was a huge hit for NBC during its 9 season run. The show ran for a total of 201 episodes, with a cast led by Steve Carell as Michael Scott. He left during the seventh season, but the show carried on without him quite successfully for a couple more seasons, with plenty of pranks to keep the laughs coming. Hopefully one day, and in less than 20 years, someone will release the Matrix prank, but for now we can only imagine how great it was. You can check out the full interview clip with Doug Rogers for yourself below.