The Office stars John Krasinski and Steve Carell recently reunited to take a trip down memory lane by revisiting the comedy series, and it's a must-see video for fans of the show. Last week, Krasinski took to YouTube to upload a video titled "Some Good News with John Krasinski," looking to pass along some feel-good stories to his followers at a time when many people could really use some cheering up. "For years now, I've been wondering, why is there not a news show dedicated entirely to good news?" Krasinski says in the opening moments of the video, adding that now is as good a time as any to get it started.

John Krasinski recently signed a deal with Amazon. Now using real stories tweeted by his followers using the hashtag #somegoodnews, he is channeling his best television news anchor impersonation to regale several touching stories. He begins by praising the efforts of healthcare professionals putting their own safety on the line to help save the lives of thousands of people all across the world. Krasinski also praises delivery drivers, showing a touching video of one person leaving out free hand sanitizer and packages of toilet paper for the delivery drivers bringing packages to the home. Also highlighted is a video of an elderly man singing to his wife through the window of her hospital room, working around social distancing to keep their romance alive.

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Partway through the "Some Good News" video, Krasinski also notes the recent 15th anniversary of The Office, and then surprisingly cuts to a video call with his "entertainment correspondent, Steve Carell." With both stars of the hit show sharing the screen, the two speak about some of their favorite memories from working on the series so many years ago. "All of our exchange around the micro flat screen TV," Carell notes as one of his favorite scenes, referring to the episode "Dinner Party" where Michael shows off his plasma-screen television at home to Jim and Pam. Krasinski also shows a blooper of everyone struggling to keep it together while actually filming the scene.

The two speak about many of their other favorite moments from The Office, with Krasinski bringing up the time Michael dressed up as Santa Claus and Kevin sat on his lap. Carell also references the time Jim impersonated Dwight, right down to the bobblehead on the desk. During their chat, Krasinski also mentions his most emotional time from working on the series, revealing it to be the final talk between Jim and Michael before Carell departed the series. "I think you and I counted, it was either 17 or 19 takes where there wasn't an audible word that came out," Krasinski says, noting the two were too emotional to deliver their lines properly.

In the video, Krasinski also speaks about his "favorite good news of the week," showing footage of the welcoming home of a 15-year-old girl, Courtney "Coco" Johnson, who just completed her final chemotherapy treatment. With social distancing in mind, many people can be seen celebrating her return on the streets for her to see on the car ride home. As with Carell, Krasinski also speaks with Coco about her situation, and it's marvelous to see. You can watch the full "Some Good News" video below, courtesy of Some Good News on YouTube.