Fans of The Office can raise their kids right with new children's toys based on the characters from the show. For their long-lasting toy line of "Little People" figurines, Fisher-Price has introduced a new 4-pack of our favorite Dunder Mifflin Paper Company employees. The collection includes Michael Scott (Steve Carell) holding his familiar World's Best Boss mug, along with Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), and Pam Beesly-Halpert (Jenna Fischer). One look at the set will show that this is the most adorable we have ever seen these characters yet.

Adapted from the UK television series of the same name, The Office premiered on NBC in 2005. A mockumentary series, the show follows the employees of a fictional paper company and the many shenanigans that ensue in their workplace. In addition to the aforementioned characters, the show's ensemble cast also included B. J. Novak as Ryan, Angela Martin as Angela, Brian Baumgartner as Kevin, Leslie David Baker as Stanley, Oscar Nunez as Oscar, Mindy Kaling as Kelly, and Ed Helms as Andy, along with many others. After running for nine seasons, the series came to an end in 2013, but not before establishing itself as one of the most popular and successful television shows of all time.

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The Office has been off the air for many years, but with the prevalence of streaming, it remains just as popular as ever with fans regularly binge-watching the series on Netflix. With a cult following still going strong, The Office fans continue to get other fun collectibles along with these new toys, keeping the legacy alive for longer. Of course, that includes many Funko Pop figures based on the characters from the series, and other action figures based on the show can also be found on store shelves. An updated version of the mystery board game Clue set in Dunder Mifflin's offices has also been released, and a new version of UNO with The Office characters has also been announced with cards bearing Michael and other fan favorites.

Oddly enough, other merchandise intended for a younger demographic based on The Office has been explored as well. From author Robb Pearlman and illustrator Melanie Demmer, the new children's book The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary is also on the way with a release date set for September of this year. The book features many characters from the show as they might appear in an elementary school, with their classroom serving as a substitution for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Its fun little story follows a young Michael Scott looking to become the "World's Best Line Leader."

The Office Little People figures have a shipping date set for July, and pre-orders are now live at online retailers. Although these particular Little People might be more appreciated by adult parents who love The Office much more than their toddlers, the figures would still go along very nicely with the other Little People in their miniature villages. You can pre-order yours now and read more information about the toys at Entertainment Earth.

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