Netflix has reminded fans that The Office will be leaving the streaming service at the end of the year, and fans are getting in their last binges before the show moves to its new home on Peacock. It had already been reported that the show would be moving to NBC's streaming service starting in 2021, and Netflix revealing their complete list of titles scheduled to leave the streamer in December is letting fans know that the end is now just around the corner. Taking to social media, many fans are also airing their grievances over the show's upcoming removal.

"I'm trying to watch The Office as much as I can before they remove it from Netflix," one fan of the show tweets, including a crying emoji. "The Office is leaving Netflix which means I am leaving Netflix," another tweet bluntly reads. "Taking The Office off Netflix is truly criminal. People only have an account for that show only," one Netflix subscriber similarly puts it. Having grown accustomed to leaving the series playing on a loop, another fan tweets, "What am I supposed to put on for background noise when The Office leaves Netflix?"

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While Netflix is taking the brunt of the fan backlash on social media, The Office leaving the streaming series is not their decision. The show has been a mainstay on the streaming service for years, serving as one of the most-watched titles on Netflix and rivaling many of its original shows. NBCUniversal has since acquired the exclusive rights to the series with plans to bring it to their new streaming service Peacock, putting an end to the beloved title's years-long run on Netflix. It was announced at the time that The Office would debut on Peacock at the start of 2021.

Netflix has also found themselves in hot water this week over the inclusion of the Comedy Central series Chappelle's Show, which recently began streaming on the service. In a video posted to Instagram, Chappelle called for a boycott of the series and urged his fans not to watch it, claiming that the series was "stolen" from him by the network. At the comedian's request, Netflix has already removed the series with Chappelle praising the streamer for going "above and beyond what you could expect from a businessman."

Inspired by the U.K. comedy series of the same name, The Office originally aired for nine seasons on NBC. Featuring an ensemble cast led by Steve Carell as quirky office manager Michael Scott, the mockumentary series follows the employees of the Scranton branch of the paper company Dunder Mifflin. Although the series ended in 2013, both fans and the stars of the show continue to acknowledge it all these years later, which includes a cast reunion for a wedding video released online earlier this year.

If you're a Netflix subscriber, get those final binges in now, as The Office will officially stop streaming on Netflix on Dec. 31. If you want to continue binging the series in 2021, you'll have to sign up for Peacock.