Every episode of The Office is now streaming on Peacock for a limited time as the streamer launches a new Dundie Awards fan contest. For years, The Office had served as one of the most-watched shows on Netflix until it made the move to Peacock at the start of 2021. While the NBCUniversal-owned streamer has made the first two seasons available to stream for free, seasons 3-9 will require paying the monthly subscription fee.

As of now, however, every single episode of the series is streaming for free. That includes the new longer "Superfan Episodes," which include never-before-seen deleted scenes. Currently, only season 3 features the Superfan Episodes, though NBCU will gradually convert the rest of the series.

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Additionally, Peacock has also announced a Dundies 2021 contest for The Office fans. In a video released on social media, Kate Flannery (Meredith) asks for fans to "show us how big of a fan you truly are" for a chance to win your very own personalized Dundie Award - along with the "ultimate Office fan pack." Flannery says fans will have until March 22 to make and post something original that proves you're a big fan of the show.

"It can be anything from recreating your favorite scene, or an ode to Meredith's van, whether it's a video, or an image, or a gif, or a "jif," or whatever they call it, something completely unexpected. We wanna see it," Flannery explains.

The Dundies 2021 contest is limited to Instagram and Twitter posts only. To participate, fans will need to follow Peacock on social, tag them in the post, and use the hashtag, #Dundies2021Contest.

Given the continued popularity of the series, there's a good chance we haven't seen the last of The Office just yet. NBCU's Bonnie Hammer told Deadline back in 2019 that it was the company's "hope and goal that we do an Office reboot." Several of the show's biggest stars have also said they'd be up for coming back for a reunion special if nothing else. In January, showrunner Greg Daniels also told E! News that one idea that's under consideration is filming new episodes with the original cast that would be set in the past.

"I think [a reboot is] probably more likely now that the show is on Peacock, but no plans right now, certainly. People are more open to it now, it seems like," Daniels said. "The issue is, what's left to be said about the characters? A lot of them aren't working there anymore. Jim and Pam live in Texas now, so does Darryl... But it would be fun to find some lost episodes and just shoot them as if they were back in 2010 or something."

If you want to watch The Office but aren't yet ready to add another $4.99 to your monthly subscription fees, you better get to binging now. The series will only be streaming free for a very limited time, as this only lasts until March 24. You can check it out now on Peacock. To get in on the Dundies 2021 contest, tweet or post to Instagram your submissions using the hashtag #Dundies2021Contest. The contest ends on the evening of March 22, and Flannery will announce the winners on March 24. This news comes to us from Peacock on Twitter.