Joss Whedon is one step closer to giving us another television show to cling to. His upcoming HBO drama The Nevers has added 6 new cast members. Kiran Sonia Sawar (Pure, Brexit: The Uncivil War), Elizabeth Berrington (In Bruges, Naked) Ella Smith (Ray & Liz, Kill Your Friends), Viola Prettejohn (Counterpart, The Witcher) and Anna Devlin (All The Money in the World, Hanna) have joined the series as regulars. Martyn Ford (The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud) has also been cast as a recurring character.

The Nevers comes to us from the reunited Buffy the Vampire Slayer team of writers Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie. HBO gave a straight-to-series order for the project under Whedon's direction. Following the trend in television right now, The Nevers is a fantastical take on a period drama about a gang of Victorian women who have unusual abilities, many enemies and a mission that could change the world forever.

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Kiran Sonia Sawar will play the optimistic Harriet Kaur. Harriet is determined to live her life as she planned, despite the weird events happening around her. She is a young Scottish Sikh who lives with the Orphans, but is accepted by her family and her betrothed.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Berrington is Lucy Best, a dirt poor, adaptive, streetwise and hardened character. Although she's given up thieving to live with the Orphans, she remains just as tough. Under her quick-wit and perky attitude is a tragic past filled with pain.

Ella Smith will play Desirée Blodgett. An increasingly popular prostitute. With the power to make men tell her everything on their minds, Blodgett's business is thriving. Unfortunately, she learns information that may get her killed. Her character is rounded out with her devotion to her six year old son that never speaks.

Viola Prettejohn will portray Myrtle Haplisch. Considered somewhat of a mascot for the Orphanage, Haplisch is rescued from her middle-class family when she can no longer speak English, or anything resembling speech.

Anna Devlin is Primrose Chattoway. Like Sawar, Primrose wants to live a normal life as a proper and ordinary girl. Unfortunately, the 16-year-old Primrose is ten feet tall. Shrouded in teenage angst, live is hard.

Martyn Ford will play Nicolas Perbal, aka Odium and quintessential henchman. He's the sword-for-hire, or whatever needs to be done for anybody's money. His "turn" also left him with an unpleasant smell.

Although few details have been revealed about the plot, the Umbrella Academy-esque story is bound to be full of mysterious antics and quippy action sequences. Notoriously passionate about pushing the boundaries of television, Whedon is behind some cultural milestones. He created the genre classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer which also spawned the spinoff Angel. Both series went on to have long lives on cable and later in streaming. He also created the short lived Dollhouse series as well as the cult-favorite and sorely missed Firefly. Whedon's big screen presence helped usher in the new Superhero era with The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Although he has not returned to Marvel Studios to direct since, he had a hand in creating ABC's Agents of Shield for the television arm of the studio.

Whedon now serves as showrunner and director for The Nevers. He is joined by executive producer Espenson, Petrie and Bernie Caulfield. The series is expected to air in 2020. This news comes to us from Deadline.