The Nanny cast has reunited to deliver a virtual table read to fans. Everybody is stuck indoors at the moment, so Fran Drescher and crew thought now would be an excellent time to reunite, albeit in a digital manner. The table read will debut on YouTube tomorrow morning (Monday, April 6th) at 9am Pacific Time and Drescher could not be more excited to share it with long-time fans of the show who have been hoping for a reunion. Thankfully, the wait is nearly over.

Fran Drescher is just like everybody else at the moment and is trying to stay productive while being stuck in the house. When asked about the upcoming virtual table read of The Nanny, she said, "I'm trying to keep busy, Peter [Marc Jacobson] came up with a great idea to reunite The Nanny camp for a performance." Jacobson is Drescher's husband and co-creator of the hit TV series. Before this, they were/are working on a musical based on the show, which also has fans excited.

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When it came down to taping The Nanny virtual table read, Fran Drescher notes that they wanted it to be good quality. Everything from the news to late night TV has been a bit on the janky side lately, especially when it comes to the audio side of things. So, Drescher and crew decided that it would be a good idea to shoot it ahead of time in order to work out the kinks and get the audio sounding just right. They shot the virtual reunion on Friday. She had this to say when asked if the cast had any apprehension about reuniting.

"Oh no! Absolutely not. We are doing this completely for the fans that have supported the show for all these decades. We thought, what better gift than to get together virtually from our living room to yours? No one got paid for it. It's been a blessing and kept us all busy and active. We feel like we're accomplishing something and are very excited to deliver this present. It made us feel so good to see each other. If the fans get even a fraction of the uplifting experience we had, it will be worth it."

As for when Peter Marc Jacobson came up with The Nanny virtual table read, Fran Drescher said it was about ten days ago. From there, he moved fast and to get everything written and distributed to the cast. In addition to Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane, Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury, Madeline Zima, Renee Taylor, Alex Sternin, Ann Hampton Callaway, DeeDee Rescher, Rachel Chagall, and Jonathan Penner are all returning. James Marsden is the only member of the original cast not taking part.

Will The Nanny virtual table read result in a revival series? Fran Drescher says, "I guess so, but I think that's not really our style. Right now we're working on the musical." After the musical gets going, Drescher says she's open to the idea, but isn't sure if it would be the original cast or a reboot. "I don't really have a strong opinion on that, I don't know. We've never talked about it, I can't really say," she stated. Regardless, fans are probably going to be really happy to see everybody together again. You can read the rest of the interview with Drescher over at Entertainment Weekly.

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