2017 is going to be a great year if you are a fan of Stephen King. Not only are we getting the long awaited movie versions of IT and The Dark Tower, but there are also a couple of TV projects that fans of the iconic horror author may want to keep their eyes on. Like the TV series based on The Mist, which is set to debut this summer on Spike. Now, the network has released a brand new trailer for the series, which is very bloody and very intense.

Spike released this latest trailer, named "Destruction," just about a month after the initial teaser for the series made its way online. The first teaser definitely made the series feel like a TV version of the movie based on The Mist. However, this new trailer makes it seem like the network has made very good use of the extra time they will have to let the story unfold. Also, there will be a lot more sex, violence and monsters. Not only monster-on-human violence, but a whole lot of people hurting people, which is a big part of the novella and movie as well.

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Stephen King's original The Mist story was published as a novella and had a very simple premise. The series sounds like it will be taking that premise and expanding upon it a bit, in order to stretch it out to make an entire TV show out of it. The Mist centers around a small town family that is rocked by a brutal crime. While dealing with the fallout, an eerie mist (hence the name) rolls in, that suddenly cuts them off from the rest of the world. Family, friends and adversaries are then forced to work together, battling the mysterious mist and the threats that reside within, doing everything they can to maintain humanity as society breaks down.

The Mist was previously adapted into a movie by director Frank Darabont in 2007. The movie was received reasonably well be critics and fans, boasting a 73 percent approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with 65 percent audience rating. The movie did decent business at the box office, bringing in $57 million, but that didn't exactly make it a huge hit. That said, the movie came out a decade ago and there is a huge appetite for right now. If the TV series is as good as it looks like it might be, Spike could have a sneaky hit on their hands with The Mist.

The series is being adapted for television by Executive Producer and Writer Christian Torpe. It has still yet to be announced how many episodes of The Mist there will be, but the series is set to premiere on Spike June 22. Be sure to check out the brand new trailer for The Mist TV series for yourself below.