The Mandalorian is proving to be quite popular. A new study finds that it is more in demand than heavy hitters like Netflix's Stranger Things and BBC America's Doctor Who. Disney+ debuted on November 17th and premiered the first live-action Star Wars series at the same time. The franchise is massive, but nobody was sure what to make of the new show since there have been cries of Star Wars fatigue over the past several months. However, Jon Favreau was able to craft something together that nobody was expecting.

Parrot Analytics, which is a leader in data research for television and streaming platforms, revealed The Mandalorian streaming success. At the time of launch, Disney+ had gained 10 million subscribers, which is only growing every week, thanks to the new show and their wealth of vault material. According to this study, the series is 298% ahead of CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery on the 7th day after its season 2 debut, 175% ahead of HBO's Westworld on the 7th day after its season 2 debut, 72.3% ahead of BBC America's Doctor Who on the 7th day after its season 11 debut, and 69.8% ahead of Netflix's Stranger Things on the 7th day after its season 2 debut.

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These are some huge numbers for The Mandalorian which proves that it's a lot bigger than many expected it to be. The first episode gave a good tease of what to expect from Pedro Pascal's titular character and the feel of the show. But the bombshell came at the very end when we learned the identity of "The Child." Instead of a "Child," it's a 50-year old baby version of whatever species Yoda is. Since then, Baby Yoda has taken over the world. With these kinds of twists and a weekly release schedule, experts believe that the show is only going to get bigger.

Jon Favreau, along with Dave Filoni, have really created something special with The Mandalorian and have taken great care to introduce it to Star Wars fans. While many fans were upset that the whole streaming series wasn't dropped in one go for a binging session, the decision has definitely worked in the show's favor. The majority of fans are watching each episode more than once in order to try and fully grasp what's going on.

With such big numbers after only the first week, it is going to be very interesting to see just how big The Mandalorian can get in the future. So far, we're only three episodes in and many fans are hooked into what has become a quality Star Wars release. Additionally, it throws some extra pressure on J.J. Abrams to deliver the goods with Star Wars 9 when it hits theaters later next month. There's not a whole lot of shows or characters who can compete with a Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian streaming information was first reported by Forbes.