WWE superstar Sasha Banks reportedly has a role in The Mandalorian season 2. Jon Favreau and crew are currently shooting the second season of the Disney+ series. Banks has been out of wrestling since earlier this month with an ankle injury and it's believed that she already shot her parts for the live-action Star Wars show. However, it is unclear what role she'll have when the highly anticipated second season airs this fall.

Sasha Banks has not confirmed whether or not she'll be on The Mandalorian, but it seems that she will truly be on the show. In addition to these reports, the pro wrestler has been spotted with the Din Djarin stuntman, which is also fueling these rumors. Whatever the case may be, we should find out soon enough what role Banks has on the show and how it fits into the storyline. Let's just hope that she's not a Stormtrooper who beats on Baby Yoda or tries to do some weird wresting maneuvers.

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If The Mandalorian news proves to be true, this will be Sasha Banks' first acting role outside of the WWE. For now, fans will just have to wait and see what the next season of the show is all about. Mando will be taking more time to explore the galaxy with the Child, but that's about all we know at this point in time, other than the fact that Moff Gideon wants the Child and that he has the mysterious Darksaber, which is a black-bladed lightsaber and ancient Mandalorian artifact. Other than that, it's not clear where the series is going.

Some Star Wars fans hope The Mandalorian will explore more of the Yoda species and its secrets. However, there are many more who feel that the species should not be demystified on the series. Baby Yoda has a mysterious charm to him since we really don't know anything about him. He's 50-years old and is just starting to get used to using the Force, though he doesn't know how to truly wield his power at this time. As for speaking, he makes baby noises and grunts, that's about it, so we could see him start to use words in the upcoming season 2.

Baby Yoda is still just as popular as he was when The Mandalorian premiered back in November. Some thought the fad would pass, but Star Wars fans don't even have official merchandise featuring the Child just yet. All of the action figures and plush toys aren't going to be out in stores until May, which means we'll most likely see a surge in popularity yet again, which should last through the summer in order to prepare fans for The Mandalorian season 2. The Sasha Banks news was first reported by the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast Twitter account.