The Mandalorian can put another feather in its cap, though it's one that Disney and Lucasfilm surely don't want. The live-action Star Wars series has been named the most-pirated TV show of 2020. The honor, if one can call it that, had gone to HBO's Game of Thrones for the past several years. But with the fantasy series off the air, something else had to step in and take over that top spot. And that spot goes to The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

According to a new report, The Mandalorian topped all shows to become the most-pirated show last year. This is easy to understand as the show has become wildly popular since its debut in November 2019. But for many of those who don't want to subscribe to Disney+ to watch it, piracy became the answer. Though one major factor could be that season 1 of the show wasn't available in many overseas markets as it was airing in the U.S. So Star Wars fans living in other countries who were feeling impatient likely turn to illegal downloads/streaming instead.

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As much as this may have cut into Disney's profits, The Mandalorian has still proved to be a massive success. Disney+ has amassed nearly 90 million subscribers in its first year with the Star Wars series ranking as the most in-demand show on the service by a wide margin. Season 2 recently wrapped up its run with an epic finale that brought a legendary figure from the franchise into the fold. Plus, it announced The Book of Boba Fett, a new spin-off series set to debut in December 2021. Aside from a number of other Star Wars projects in development for Disney+, The Mandalorian season 3 is in the works and is expected to begin production this year.

The number two spot went to The Boys. The dark and bloody superhero series has become one of Amazon's biggest original hits to date. A third season, as well as a spin-off series, are in the works. Coming in at number three was HBO's Westworld. With Game of Thrones off the air, the sci-fi series ranks as one of the premium cable network's biggest shows. Season 4 is currently in the works. The top three spots also illustrate the need for consumers to subscribe to multiple streaming services in order to watch all of these in-demand shows.

It is worth noting that not a single Netflix show cracked to top 10 for 2020. That is not to say Netflix has fewer in-demand shows. Quite the opposite, as Stranger Things, The Queen's Gambit and many more popular series stream exclusively on the service. For whatever reason, fewer people felt the need to turn to piracy for these shows. You can check out the full list of the top ten for yourself below. This news comes to us via TorrentFreak.

  • Most Pirated Shows of 2020
  • 1. The Mandalorian
  • 2. The Boys
  • 3. Westworld
  • 4. Vikings
  • 5. Star Trek: Picard
  • 6. Rick and Morty
  • 7. The Walking Dead
  • 8. The Outsider
  • 9. Arrow
  • 10. The Flash