We're only one episode into The Mandalorian and it looks like it may have already contradicted a pretty major Star Wars Rebels plot point. Disney+ launched earlier this week and fans are still taking in what they saw in the first episode of the live-action Star Wars series. For the most part, fans seem to be pretty pumped on what Jon Favreau created and helped bring to life.

As for that Star Wars Rebels plot point, it looks like The Mandalorian will never show the main character, played by Pedro Pascal, without his helmet. The new series reveals that the Mandalorians do not remove their helmets, which contradicts element of Rebels. One of the main characters was a young Mandalorian woman Sabine Wren who regularly walked around without a helmet in the animated show. Most of the Mandalorians who appeared in the animated series had full armor and most of them removed their helmets too.

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For now, we're only one episode into The Mandalorian, but it really doesn't look like we're going to see Pedro Pascal without his helmet on in the series. Is this that big of a deal? Probably not, but the character is still very mysterious to fans at this point in time. Pascal had this to say about the helmet situation.

"I love the way that they build sort of cultural stories in the world of Star Wars. And so every planet, every people, every creature, every droid has such a specific kind of origin story and background. So for the Mandalorians, we have a creed, and we don't show our faces. So get over it. I did! (laughs)"

Pedro Pascal is right. Star Wars fans should just get over the whole helmet situation. We know what Pedro Pascal looks like. This isn't like Boba Fett, where we never actually knew what or who was under that helmet until Attack of the Clones showed us. Right now, it really doesn't matter what the character looks like under the mask. In terms of the character's origins, it seems we will be getting brief flashbacks from when the main character was a child. Plus, the show is already moving forward with some pretty interesting plot twists right off the bat that will more than likely take the lead as the story unfolds. The first episode contains some pretty major connections to the Star Wars universe.

Will we ever see The Mandalorian series without the main character's helmet? For now, it seems like that is not a possibility. Things could change in the near future, but the show has already set the precedent that the Mandalorians do not take off their helmets. Whatever the case may be, it will be a pretty big deal if we do end up seeing Pedro Pascal's face on the show in the future. For now, fans have a lot more to think about after the end of the first episode while trying to figure out how that fits into the franchise as a whole. You can head over to Disney+ streaming service to check out The Mandalorian.