The Mandalorian is now only a few weeks away and Disney has just released five new character posters from the series. The Disney+ streaming platform launches on November 12th with the live-action Star Wars series. Anticipation for the series has been pretty high as fans wait to see what the franchise will look like on the small screen. According to early reactions, the first episode contains a pretty massive spoiler for the franchise as a whole, which should have just about all fans ready to tune in. A new trailer for the series is set to debut this evening with brand-new footage.

The five Mandalorian posters feature the familiar armor-wearing titular character, played by Pedro Pascal, ex-rebel shock trooper Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano, bounty hunter guild head Greef Carga, played by Carl Weathers, IG-series bounty hunter droid IG-11, voiced by Taika Waititi, and the final character poster introduces an unidentified Ugnaught. It's not clear at this time who is voicing the aforementioned character, but it is believed to be Nick Nolte. Lucasfilm and Disney have kept the show shrouded in mystery since it was officially announced.


We don't even know the name of Pedro Pascal's character underneath the armor. Even the first reactions to the first episode are keeping everything under wraps for the time being. Disney is starting to send Disney+ episodes out for critics, but The Mandalorian is not one of the shows included. Instead, the studio has been screening the first episode in theaters for the press, which is a wise move and treats the show just like it's a movie, which is how it has been marketed thus far. As far as the budget is concerned, the series falls right in line with feature-length projects.

In addition to the aforementioned actors in the character posters, The Mandalorian features Giancarlo Esposito as former Imperial governor Moff Gideon and Ming-Na Wen, Bill Burr, and Werner Herzog in unknown roles. It's pretty impressive that Lucasfilm and Disney have been able to keep all of this information under wraps for so long. However, with merchandising on the way, like action figures, it's only a matter of time before we start to get more information on the mysterious series and what exactly this major Star Wars universe spoiler is.


The Skywalker Saga is coming to a close in December with The Rise of Skywalker, but there are plenty of stories to be told outside of that particular storyline, as The Mandalorian will attempt to pull off. Expectations are high and a second season has already been green lit, which means the studio has some faith in it. With a $100 million price tag, the studio isn't messing around. Disney+ is swinging for the fences with The Mandalorian and their upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe shows on the way. Will it be able to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Apple? Only time will tell, but a live-action Star Wars series is a good start. You can check out the character posters below, thanks to The Mandalorian Twitter account. The new trailer will drop sometime this evening.

The Mandalorian Character Poster #1
The Mandalorian Character Poster #2
The Mandalorian Character Poster #3
The Mandalorian Character Poster #4
The Mandalorian Character Poster #5