The Mandalorian just might be the very best new show of the year, but the Star Wars series is not without its flaws. In a moment that's drawing comparisons on social media to the infamous coffee cup blunder from the final season of Game of Thrones, a boom mic shows up in a shot during Episode 4 of The Mandalorian. Fortunately, the error is not quite as egregious as the coffee cup and may go largely unnoticed by viewers, but it's one of those things that you won't be able to unsee once you know that it's there.

Although The Mandalorian Episode 4 released just a matter of days ago, one YouTuber's video highlighting the mistake has already pulled in over 237,000 views at the time of this writing. As the uploader points out, the moment comes at about 16 and a half minutes into the episode, with the boom mic shown at the top of the screen moving above the characters. Because the boom mic itself is black in color and set against a dark background, however, it can still be easy to miss, and the majority of commenters don't seem to be very bothered with the error. You can take a look at it for yourself below.


Naturally, the mistake has brought about many jokes and references to the coffee cup fiasco from Game of Thrones Season 8. During a celebration scene on that show, a cup resembling something from Starbucks could be seen clear as day on the table in front of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), bringing about heavy ridicule from viewers on social media. HBO responded by digitally removing the coffee cup from Game of Thrones and it can no longer be found when watching the series on the network, and yet its memory as one of 2019's most embarrassing continuity errors still holds strong, as seen from the comparisons to on-screen errors in other projects.


An easy-to-miss error like this is certainly not harming the popularity of The Mandalorian (though that coffee cup did Game of Thrones no favors). The first-ever live-action Star Wars series has clearly established itself as the hottest new series of 2019. After all, it's not difficult to forgive a boom mic shown in a shot if the series still introduced us to Baby Yoda, who has turned out to be the show's breakout character with a very high demand for his official merchandise. It also helps that The Mandalorian was recently named as the most In Demand show in America, clearly proving that the Disney+ series is nothing short of a big success.


More from the franchise beyond The Mandalorian is also coming this month, as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set to premiere in theaters on . Many fans of the franchise seem to be more excited about The Mandalorian than they are the new movie, but even so, look for The Rise of Skywalker to obliterate the box office anyway with the Star Wars franchise dominating both the big and small screens this month. You can watch new episodes of The Mandalorian Fridays on the Disney+ app or at