Does The Mandalorian have even more ties to the Star Wars Holiday Special than previously thought? A new theory ties in the three flashback sequences we have seen to the notorious christmas trainwreck. In these flashbacks, we were able to see a Trade Federation's Super Battle Droids, which presumably killed our hero's parents and left him a foundling, aka orphan. In these scenes, everybody is shown wearing red robes, which leads us right into this interesting theory that brings everything back to a pretty big forgotten Star Wars reference.

To begin, Jon Favreau has spoken about his love for the Star Wars Holiday Special many times over the years. He even made part of it canon in The Mandalorian's first episode when the blue alien named a Mythrol brought up Life Day. This new theory posits that the brutal attack we keep seeing in the flashback scenes of the new show took place on Life Day. Many believe that Mythrol's mention of the holiday were foreshadowing for something much larger down the line.


Could this mean that the red robes are worn because the massacre happened on Life Day? In The Star Wars Holiday Special, Chewbacca wears a red robe to celebrate Life Day on Kashyyyk. However, it seems that Jon Favreau may have gone a step further and made it a day that the galaxy as a whole recognizes. It's an interesting theory and one that seems to make sense considering Favreau's love of the holiday special. However, there is another theory which could fit in just as well.

The other theory for The Mandalorian's backstory has to do with the Disciples of the Whills on the planet Jedha, which is featured in Rogue One. Most of the disciples were shown in red robes and this places us into the big screen realm. This could very well be just as good of a theory, but Jon Favreau has an amazing way of being able to keep the surprises coming, which he has proven in the new Disney+ series. This guy introduced the world to Baby Yoda, which nobody was expecting, not even the biggest Star Wars fan.


With a lot of the speculation, it's easy to see what may or may not work. As for these two theories, they both seem plausible, though the Star Wars Holiday Special seems to be the best bet, if only because Jon Favreau loves it so much. Like anything having to do with the Star Wars franchise, we're just going to have to wait and see what Favreau and Dave Filoni decided to do with the series as a whole. They're already hard at work on season 2, so there is plenty more to be explored. Vanity Fair writer Anthony Breznican's Twitter account was one of the first to make the possible Life Day connections.