Jon Favreau says the "asset" will be important to the show's story arc. Disney+ debuted the first ever live-action Star Wars series this week and fans were shocked by what they saw. Now, the second episode of the season has arrived and it proves there's a lot more going on in this show than originally thought, which was a great surprise. Favreau was able to catch nearly everybody off-guard when the first episode ended. There are SPOILERS for the first two episodes of The Mandalorian below, so read ahead at your own risk.

By now, most Star Wars fans know that the "asset" that The Mandalorian had to retrieve was a baby Yoda. We do not have a species name, so he has generally been referred to as Baby Yoda. While this has triggered a lot of excitement, it has also raised a lot of questions, especially about the future of the show. Jon Favreau had this to say about the secret asset and how it applies to the bigger picture.

"I wanted to surprise people and I wanted to - well there are bigger arcs that go through the whole season and the whole throw of the show. So as fun as it is to reveal new characters and surprise them, it also fits into a larger narrative about what's going on in the galaxy after the revolution, and this is an important character."

Jon Favreau was definitely able to pull off his surprise goal. There's not many Star Wars fans who were expecting to see a Baby Yoda pop up at the end of The Mandalorian episode 1. So, the pressure was on for The Mandalorian episode 2 to deliver some more information, which it did. The 50-year old Baby Yoda was seen using the Force, which seemed to drain all of the energy from his tiny little body. This was huge for fans to see, though it only leads to more questions.

The Mandalorian episode 2 begins to show a bond between bounty hunter Dyn Jarren and Baby Yoda. The little creature seems to be pretty appreciative of getting "rescued" and is trying to help as much as he can along the way. Even at 50-years old, he is very Force sensitive and seems to know good from evil right from the start, which is more than likely why he doesn't go into the cave with Jarren to hunt down the egg.

If the 50-year old Baby Yoda is wise beyond his years, he may see something good in Dyn Jarren. One can easily see that The Mandalorian season 1 isn't going to give up the asset that easily, or if it does end up that way, there will have to be a mission to save him. With that said, Jon Favreau may have flipped the script yet again. For now, we just know that Baby Yoda will be a big part of the show. The interview with Favreau was originally conducted by the Variety Twitter account, but the video has since been taken down.