Max Fowler has signed on for a series regular role in Season 3 of AMC's drama series The Killing.

The young actor will portray the street-savvy teenager Twitch, one of the several new characters we reported on last month. That character rundown described him as a "JV hooker" and a "wannabe star." Since several of the other roles in that breakdown are street thugs and prostitutes, that may indicate this season's case may be set within that world.

Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are returning as Linden and Holder, with the new season set one year after the Rosie Larson case was wrapped up. At the start of the season, Linden is no longer a detective, but she is drawn back in when Holder takes a case that has connections to one of her previous investigations.

We reported last week that Elias Koteas has joined the cast as Ed Skinner, Linden's former partner whose spotless record was tarnished by an extramarital affair with a co-worker. Production on the 12-episode Season 3 will begin February 25 in Vancouver. Unlike the Rosie Larson case, which spanned two seasons, the case in Season 3 will be wrapped up in one season.

Max Fowler's other credits include guest-starring spots on The Hour and Waterloo Road.