Back in November, we reported that AMC and Netflix are finalizing a deal to bring back The Killing for Season 3. While the news still hasn't officially been confirmed, the producers are currently preparing to start production on February 25. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are returning as detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder, but we know little about what kind of case they will be tackling this season.

Today, we have details about a slew of new characters that will be featured in this Seattle-set crime series.

  • Tom Seward is a thirtysomething Neanderthal on death row for the murder of his wife. In what seems likely to be his last month on earth, he takes a (perhaps ill-advised) stroll down memory lane, tripping on the secrets he's left behind like a trail of bloody bread crumbs.
  • - Danette Lutz, in her late 30s, is probably the worst mother since Mo'Nique in Precious. How bad is she? She could easily forget she even is a mother until her 15-year-old, Kallie, goes missing.
  • - Bullet is a 16-year-old tough guy who looks out for all the local street girls. But there's more to him than meets the eye: Most significantly, he's... a she.
  • - Alton Singleterry is a Machiavellian young gangbanger who seems to think that death row is party to which he can RSVP no.
  • - Ed Skinner is Linden's old partner, a middle-aged Dudley Do-Right whose record is spotless, save for a brief extramarital fling with a co-worker. (Could that co-worker have been Linden? Hmm... )
  • - Tiny is the underage female hooker to whom Bullet's heart belongs. The only trouble is (well, the only trouble aside from her being an underage hooker!), Tiny's crazy about someone else.
  • - Twitch is yet another JV hooker, a wannabe star with a rap sheet that's longer than he is tall.

Our report from November revealed that AMC and Netflix were finalizing a deal to split production costs. Season 3 episodes will air on AMC first, with Netflix streaming the episodes at a later date. It isn't known if this deal is still being worked out, but we'll bring you any official details as soon as we have them.