The Green Rush documentary premieres on Current TV, Saturday December 1st at 7:00 pm EST with an encore replay at 10:00 pm.

This exclusive piece of investigative journalism takes you into the world of medical marijuana growers in Northern California. Live in the pot fields with the American cannabis farmer, sleep next to the crop, and share the joys and sorrows entailed with growing this valuable plant. Listed in the Current TV program guide as "Marijuana Outlaws".

Winner of the 2012 Amsterdam Film Festival for "Best Avant Garde" film, and the 2012 Honolulu Film Award for "Best Coming of Age" documentary. The Green Rush refers to the parallel between today's marijuana movement and the historic "California Gold Rush".

Producer Casey Casseday and Jason S. Edwards have captured a year-in-the-life of three separate outdoor marijuana plantations. All with the same ending, a state and federal stand off on the West Coast.

Current TV will also offer the film for Virgin Airlines customers on In-Flight Video On Demand (FVOD). The running time of the film is 54 minutes, and there is no on-screen drug use.

CBS's 60 Minutes, NBC News, and Fox Business News are all calling the recent legalization in Colorado and Washington "The Green Rush", but Current TV licensed the original (2008).

Comcast, Time Warner, Dish, and DirecTV customers will now be able to watch the documentary in its original version, uncut on Current TV (USA).

After back-to-back festival wins in Los Angeles, Journeyman Pictures (UK) has sold the US Broadcast Rights and ITN Distribution (Beverly Hills) will be releasing the German (dubbed) Blu-ray in January of 2013.

To read our exclusive interview with Casey Casseday: CLICK HERE