Amazon has released the first trailer for The Grand Tour season 3. Once Jeremy Clarkson was fired from his hosting duties on Top Gear by the BBC, his old pals Richard Hammond and James May departed their long-running gig as well and took their business elsewhere. While Amazon couldn't call their new show Top Gear, The Grand Tour has given fans that same feeling and the adventuring and car shenanigans are set to continue in grand fashion next season, according to this new trailer.

The trailer kicks off with Richard Hammond risking his life on the most precarious looking bridge you're likely to ever see. So why not drive a huge truck on it? In true-to-form fashion for the beloved hosts, James May and Jeremy Clarkson have a laugh at his expense. We then get a glimpse at all of the amazing locations and cars, both new and old, the guys are going to explore in season 3, all set to the tune of Joe Cocker's cover of With a Little Help from My Friends. Be warned, there are a few NSFW moments in the trailer, one of which may or may not involve a giant phallic symbol being drawn in the snow with a car.

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This year will see the trio taking on challenges in Detroit and Nevada, in addition to visits to Mongolia and China. Jeremy Clarkson and Abbie Eaton will also be attempting a certain challenge in Sweden involving snow (see previous phallic symbol comment), with James May heading to Scotland, and the guys taking a tour of the Stansted Airport. All of these years later, and they're still having just as much fun and clearly haven't run out of things to do.

Top Gear has struggled a bit in the host department ever since the trio departed the hit series, with Matt LeBlanc leaving after just a few seasons. Meanwhile, Amazon has enjoyed great success with The Grand Tour through two seasons so far. Their initial deal with the hosts was for three seasons and 36 episodes. That means, unless they renew the series and negotiate a new deal, this is the last run of episodes on their current contract. But bet on Amazon keeping Clarkson, Hammond and May around for at least a little while longer.

This trailer also comes with the news that the series will return on January 18, 2019, for Amazon Prime subscribers. Unlike Netflix, Amazon doesn't do a binge dump, so viewers will have to watch week-to-week. The date is significant because it means, for the first time in a long time, this batch of episodes won't include one of the gang's beloved Christmas specials. The good news is that the gap between season 2 and 3 was much shorter than the one between the inaugural season and season 2. Be sure to check out the new season 3 trailer from The Grand Tour YouTube channel below.